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C# achieve animation effects

Application backgroundIn Visual Studio 2008 with language C# prepared a WinForm form application, the program can be realized within the form load effect picture, fade in, fade out, from left to right to start, from the right to expand, from top to bottom, from top to bottom, about to start....

ArcGIS two development of the shortest path analysis

Application backgroundCan realize the shortest path analysis, point, line, surface selection, analysis of the shortest path from point to point. ArcGIS two development based on C#. And WebGIS map browser code....

Custom form designer demo version of the source code (C#)

Application backgroundCustom form designer demo version of the source code (C#), can be based on the two development of the source code to use...

MITSUBISHI Q PLC data acquisition program based on C# WINFROM

VS2013 can be run directly, the realization of PLC equipment state monitoring and data acquisition, processing technology!...

C# image processing

& nbsp; C# write image processing procedures, mainly including image denoising, edge detection, edge tailoring, median filtering, image enhancement, image rotation, zooming, painting in the image, add notes, such as the use of a large number of algorithms, such as the Laplacian and Sobel package....

Lane detection opencv

Very good detection Lane code, real-time detection of lane lines, the development environment in vs2012 and opencv, we can try, the effect can also be, the results of the document and the results of the experiment....

500 lottery source

500 lottery website source code, can be normal operation....


Kinect plug-in.. Skeleton recognition and so on, 000000000000000000000000... That... That... That... That... That... That... That... That... That... That... That... That... That....11111111111333333333333...

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