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Touch gesture recognition

A touch gesture recognition, there are more than 10 kinds of gestures in the XML, dollar is c # source gesture recognition program, it can effectively identify a touch gestures, and gives similar values....

Reading DXF files

DXF files can be read in the coordinates x y values in various formats, and save it. This file can be read two-dimensional, or you can read three dimensional, value will be displayed in the TextBox that is read files....

Library management system

Very good library inquiry system, this software is a small book written with c # made of system management. Includes press information, information management, inventory management, customer information management, statistics features such as book sales, contact us module. Publishers information is...

645 readings c #

DL 645 c # read table program Statute, send and receive data through the serial port on meter, message format 68 * * to * * 68 * * * * * * CRC 16...

Hotel management system

This is a hotel management system written in c # to meet the basic requirement of hotel management. Includes: simple reservation, dressing rooms, costing, OA....

C # drawing graphs

Often in our program development process will need to draw graphs and bar charts as well, especially when doing statistical functions. But sometimes we do not feel the need to use third-party controls (for example:ZedGraph , etc), this is you can write your own code to implement these drawing functi...

Excel table entry

Specially formatted Excel table using the applibrary library for reading, get the corresponding cell data, is an example to an introduction to reading and writing Excel...

Warehouse management software

Application backgroundA warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations. WMS systems may be standalone applications or part of...

USB webcam video capture

Is a c # development, get USB webcam video stream. To collect the video stream.   Normal use, is no good free resources just before exiting, and another is the video in AVI format need to be compressed...

Voice broadcast

Use Microsoft speech, speech, text entered by the user, read content, depending on the installed voice libraries, in a program, you can choose which voice to broadcast content to use, powerful, and we look forward to follow-up, making more perfect...

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