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ASP. NET online reservation system

Features: 1, site management2, culinary managementInclude query food, increased food3, user managementIncludes add Manager, query Manager, Member4, order managementMainly including the ability to check your order and no payment orders5, users can visit the ordered query cuisine, add to cart, and amo...

Kinect hand gesture tracking framework

Establishment of gestures, in Kinect hand gesture the establishment of detailed procedural framework and logic, Kinect-based gesture recognition program,-Kinect-based gesture recognition program written in c #, c # has Prepared...

ERP management system source code

If you are the first release of the code, it is recommended to refer to the work of others....

Motion deblurring algorithm

Source code is based on 2008 cvpr Jia Jiaya papers written by Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, for blur effect is very powerful and small,medium,large,custom respectively, for varying degrees of blur to blur. Images of fuzzy formulas based on iterative algorithm is used, be better a...

C # invoicing system

Invoicing system is stock in the enterprises ' production and management, delivery, wholesale sale, payment, tracking management. Starting from orders received by contract, access to material sourcing, warehousing, recipients to the finished product, such as delivery, receipt, payment of the purchas...

Frequent item mining algorithm FP Growth algorithm in C# implementation

FP-Growth algorithm for handouts of mining frequent items algorithm in c # for  FP growth algorithm of frequent itemset mining. It can be used to find frequent item sets in the database. It in a tree structure format output. It compared to the Apriori algorithm, because none of the candidates i...

Automated car parking system

Main aim of the project is to provide the information on the availability of parking in multiplexes without any operator in parking area by displaying availability of the parking before entering in to parking area. A display is provided at the entrance of the parking area which displays the number o...

SOCKS5 Proxy

Code for creating a SOCKS5 proxy in C#. Easy to use sourcecode. enjoy!...

C# system development framework

& nbsp; development framework for enterprise or individual in the. Net environment rapid development system provides powerful technical support, developers don't need repeat the basic function construction and public module, the framework itself provides a powerful function library and development k...

Mapx Csharp map editor C#

Code complete, edit the mapx map, it is worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit mapx map Worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit the mapx map, Worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit mapx map Worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit mapx map Worth learning. X86 onl...

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