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Supermarket inventory management system

Related to the supermarket to purchase, sell, stock, inventory query management system. Very wide, containing inventory alerts to connect with the database. Within the database also contains a direct run, all functions also have a comment....

Introduction to DICOM example

Introduction to DICOM c # examples, open a DICOM file, or viewing DICOM tags file, the extraordinary entry source code....

C # WinForm Baidu map

Features: With the query lines (including bus routes, pedestrian routes, driving lines), the query location information, rapid positioning to get map location information at any point, add interest function, measures the distance function and the < navigation > functions Summary: D...

C#l connect multiple cameras

USB connect camera code list can be read from multiple USB devices, but long remembered is a USB control up to two cameras need into consideration or add more cameras can be powered from USB PCI extensions or write a control code continued implementation time....

C # MVC app development platform for public

C # app developed by a public platform, ContextMenuItem, autoresponders, LBS definitions, module, feature-rich, tailored, micro-site micro-service, micro-photo album, slightly push, micro-dining, micro-property, micro-Mall, micro facial micro-cars, big wheel, scratch, hundreds of features...

C# source code management system source touch screen catering software (CS Architecture).Net source code

Application backgroundDevelopment environment: VS2010+SQL2005/SQL2012Development language:C#Application framework WINFORM:C/SLogin user name: admin      password: adminKey TechnologyMain function description...

Canonsdk for the development of Canon cameras

Development Canon camera SDK,                                                  ;;;      ;;;;;;;  ;;;...

机器学习各种分类器代码,C#。 包括AdaBoost,DecisionStump,NearestNeighbout,SVM等,包括测试数据的生成...

A variety of machine learning classifier code, C#. Including AdaBoost, DecisionStump, NearestNeighbout, SVM, including the generation of test data...


C# Programming FTP client, socket programming, code notes in detail...

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