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based-AE Wuhan City public transportation query system

ARCGIS-based component development of the transit system is developed based on AE, the newer version, so to VS2010 to open, well, this is what I downloaded from another site and want to help you,...

Member management system source code

Super administrator has to administrator, member management authority and modify their own information.Super administrator can achieve the administrator permissions are granted or not operation.The administrator could add membersh...

Supermarket inventory management system

Related to the supermarket to purchase, sell, stock, inventory query management system. Very wide, containing inventory alerts to connect with the database. Within the database also contains a direct run, all functions also have a comment....

Introduction to DICOM example

Introduction to DICOM c # examples, open a DICOM file, or viewing DICOM tags file, the extraordinary entry source code....

C # WinForm Baidu map

Features: With the query lines (including bus routes, pedestrian routes, driving lines), the query location information, rapid positioning to get map location information at any point, add interest function, measures the distance function and the < navigation > functions Summary: D...

C#l connect multiple cameras

USB connect camera code list can be read from multiple USB devices, but long remembered is a USB control up to two cameras need into consideration or add more cameras can be powered from USB PCI extensions or write a control code continued implementation time....

Face recognition source code

Application backgroundFace recognition system has a wide range of applications: face recognition access management system, face recognition access control time and attendance system, monitoring management of face recognition, face recognition and computer security guard and search photos of face rec...

Workflow engine program

Application backgroundWorkflow engine programBefore a listing Corporation to do, to leave six years, on the computer which is also put, open source...

The design of hospital management system

Business process information collaborative management information system design is the Design Institute, standardize working process, improve work efficiency, reduce management costs. This system mainly consists of the following three parts: external portals, internal information exchange platform a...

MQTT client

For IBM message queue, mqtt client written in C#, in control of things, mainly publish, subscribe to such a push type of function, for the same topic, no need to point to point one socket to transfer, only need to publish, subscribe changed topic users to facilitate received, and can set the message...

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