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Web data capture program, capturing Lottery website as example

Football lottery odds analysis of data source Analysis of global football league odds data, including national company oddsetc.. C#, VS2008 development, including the WebBrowser page analysis, Excel operation technology. Operat...

C # MVC app development platform for public

C # app developed by a public platform, ContextMenuItem, autoresponders, LBS definitions, module, feature-rich, tailored, micro-site micro-service, micro-photo album, slightly push, micro-dining, micro-property, micro-Mall, micro facial micro-cars, big wheel, scratch, hundreds of features...

Kinect hand gesture tracking framework

Establishment of gestures, in Kinect hand gesture the establishment of detailed procedural framework and logic, Kinect-based gesture recognition program,-Kinect-based gesture recognition program written in c #, c # has Prepared...

Workflow engine program

Application backgroundWorkflow engine programBefore a listing Corporation to do, to leave six years, on the computer which is also put, open source...

Speech synthesis and speech recognition Demo

Can speech synthesis and speech recognition, divided into two tab, speech synthesis is will need speech synthesis text copy in, can be synthesized wav format audio files; speech recognition is to speak into the microphone, can be identified as Chinese characters are displayed....

MQTT client

For IBM message queue, mqtt client written in C#, in control of things, mainly publish, subscribe to such a push type of function, for the same topic, no need to point to point one socket to transfer, only need to publish, subscribe changed topic users to facilitate received, and can set the message...

Canonsdk for the development of Canon cameras

Development Canon camera SDK,                                                  ;;;      ;;;;;;;  ;;;...

机器学习各种分类器代码,C#。 包括AdaBoost,DecisionStump,NearestNeighbout,SVM等,包括测试数据的生成...

A variety of machine learning classifier code, C#. Including AdaBoost, DecisionStump, NearestNeighbout, SVM, including the generation of test data...


C# Programming FTP client, socket programming, code notes in detail...

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