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TXT files obj files

According to 3dmax, exported the obj format, contents of the txt file stored in obj format, then in 3dmax. First reads in the contents of txt file, then writes the obj files into  ...

The receiving instance to the server UDP protocol SOCKET programming

Implements program to the server socket programming, set the listening port, and clients by sending data that is sent to the specified IP port verification, currently only supports strings receives...

sokudo algorthim

I came across the Sudoku game a few months back. I commute by train daily to my office; this puzzle, in everyday newspaper, was one of my favorite ways to pass time in the train. I thought why not develop this game in C#? This article is on the implementation of this game in C#. The game provides th...


serial communication to controller silabs and set system timeSerial communication packet is 25 bytes long and comprised of year, month, day, day of the week, hour, minute, second.Serial com is conflicted to UI update so    UI.invoke(new Action(delegate    &nbs...

N-Queens problem

N-Queens problem, an algorithm requires to achieve: n n columns of squares in row, each row column appears only once in each diagonal. This code can traverse the node displays all of the, written in c #, and efficient simple and rare, need fast download...

Zhou Hongping exercises in c # source code

Zhou Hongping version matching exercise in c # source code, suitable for beginner practice, better performance, use with video...

Parsing code that InfoPath

Parsing the code code to parse c # InfoPath InfoPath xsn, get information about the InfoPath fields. Did various types of field analysis inside. Codes are used in the InfoPath fields, to generate a report...

P2P sharing music and video source

C # uses P2P technology developed by an open source software for music and video sharing, support for iPod and MP3 players, to automatically discover and share free MP3 music and make new music lovers....

WebBrowser control

Easy to use WEB browser control,...

C# research management

A simple management system, first run the login screen, after you enter the correct user name and password, enter the scientific research management system interface, using the corresponding operations, application database, to add, modify, delete, view and other operations, response response to the...


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