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Stm32F103+AD7795 multi-channel acquisition instrument

Application background      four way gas concentration acquisition instrument, which is used in the micro controller, the precision digital analog conversion, digital zero.    high precision air concentration data collection.    with the function of temperature com...

OPC client C# test

Application backgroundThe program using VS2010C# programming, electrophoresis OPCDAAuto.dll file, to achieve synchronous asynchronous read and write OPC, the program is simple and practical, it can be easily integrated into the advanced control software. Suitable for the beginning of learning OPC pr...

Speech synthesis and speech recognition Demo

Can speech synthesis and speech recognition, divided into two tab, speech synthesis is will need speech synthesis text copy in, can be synthesized wav format audio files; speech recognition is to speak into the microphone, can be identified as Chinese characters are displayed....

smart ant algorithm

smart ant algorithm-- ant colony algorithm improvements for VRP for TSP...

radon 变换,用C++编的,是一个外国教授编的

radon transform, the C series is a series of the foreign professors...


Computer Examination System: cs mode. The use of C# Language. Including front and back-office in two parts. Including students, examinations, teacher grades, teachers view the test list, the list of absence, forced the end of examinations. Specific functions of the code, there are detailed instructi...

datagridview print achieved with C# write, I feel good, I hope all of you some h...

datagridview print achieved with C# write, I feel good, I hope all of you some help!...

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