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prepared using the procedures used with two Bluetooth devices of communication, send data capabilities....

Student Staff Feedback System Project

framework is for the most part utilized by four sorts of users:         Student          Staff          Head of sections          Principal The provision may as well have a database of survey which can be...

Substation locating and sizing (4)

Substation locating and sizing based on LCC model for instance, four substation location unknown, unknown capacity, loading capacity is known, cheap pieces....

a sample minimarket apps with csharp

this is my project with c sharp, this apps about mini market, how to manage stuff, how to control transaction, and manage official employee, you could do calculating and also could manage the user who could use this apps....


ShootSearch是一款用C#开发的网络爬虫程序。其内核包含爬虫,存储,网页后期处理,索引生成等。 在抓取网页的过程中,可以灵活的制定多种规则,过滤URL,内置一个可无限增长的后继队列模块,可以随时暂停或者停止抓取,抓...

C # Web Crawler program

C # multithreaded Web Crawler program crawls the page information for beginners to learn. custom threads. Web page save path can be set. 1. queue from the reptiles in first out into the priority queue, you can get reptiles with a preference (Preferential Crawler). 2. the reptile with a preferenc...

Library management system

Very good library inquiry system, this software is a small book written with c # made of system management. Includes press information, information management, inventory management, customer information management, statistics features such as book sales, contact us module. Publishers information is...

based-AE Wuhan City public transportation query system

ARCGIS-based component development of the transit system is developed based on AE, the newer version, so to VS2010 to open, well, this is what I downloaded from another site and want to help you,...

Handwritten Chinese recognition

The greatest highlight is the handwriting recognition to Chinese character recognition, joining Microsoft, published in 2007, Chinese language pack, flawless Implementation of the Chinese, English, perfect for digital identification accuracy rate of up to 90%, of course, also adds ink color palette,...

645 readings c #

DL 645 c # read table program Statute, send and receive data through the serial port on meter, message format 68 * * to * * 68 * * * * * * CRC 16...

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