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App development SDK

1 the use of objectThe API is currently only for WeChat public platform for developers to document all the API package: is the WeChat service number and subscription. Does not support WeChat enterprise and mobile terminal API.But do not rule ou...

Schedule management system

Application backgroundThis product adopts language, database using sqlserver, front desk by the Ajax, excellent jQuery framework, under the prerequisite to meet the functional and performance and make the operator feel convenient and quick. At present, the system has been successfully use...

SIEMENS S7200 Communications

Application backgroundThis is C# realization of Siemens S7200 PLC and host computer driven development, can be used to obtain the data of PLC, using PPI Protocol Serial Driver, source code to read and write PLC real-time data, the effect is good.Key TechnologyC# S7 - 200 PLC and PC communication, PP...

Stm32F103+AD7795 multi-channel acquisition instrument

Application background      four way gas concentration acquisition instrument, which is used in the micro controller, the precision digital analog conversion, digital zero.    high precision air concentration data collection.    with the function of temperature com...

OPC client C# test

Application backgroundThe program using VS2010C# programming, electrophoresis OPCDAAuto.dll file, to achieve synchronous asynchronous read and write OPC, the program is simple and practical, it can be easily integrated into the advanced control software. Suitable for the beginning of learning OPC pr...

Implement word to C# pdf

Application backgroundWord format will be converted to C# PDF implementation, their research has added a lot of information on the nature of the information, in particular, to facilitate the novice to learn, read the source code should be a lot of great improvement.Source sharing, common progress.I...

Custom form designer demo version of the source code (C#)

Application backgroundCustom form designer demo version of the source code (C#), can be based on the two development of the source code to use...

C# image processing

& nbsp; C# write image processing procedures, mainly including image denoising, edge detection, edge tailoring, median filtering, image enhancement, image rotation, zooming, painting in the image, add notes, such as the use of a large number of algorithms, such as the Laplacian and Sobel package....

Halcon+C# water level measurement

Halcon+C# water level measurement, machine vision small program, it is worth learning and reference for beginners. If you need to be able to contact me, will publish more code, and everyone to exchange and learn Halcon+C# water level measurement, machine vision small program, it is worth learning an...

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