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Algorithm of information hiding based on BMP bitmap

Information encryption-the algorithm of information hiding based on BMP bitmap source code contains a main header files and c source fileInfoHidden.h and InfoHidden.cIs to provide an idea if had never been exposed to, we recommend that you look at the algorithm...

WPF to connect to the database instance

WPF technology to connect using the example of a database query to the data by binding to a DataGrid, make the program and database data synchronization display....

mfc graphics, TXT file data coordinates for plotting

To read the TXT file data through MFC interface for line drawing, with zoom function. Automatically transform coordinates...

JT808-GPSServer (2)

Examples of JT808-GPSServer conform to the Ministry of communications, you can refer to, hoping to help T808-GPSServer of traffic, in line with the example, you can refer to, want to be able to help you...

MFC read serial data and saves txt

MFC read serial data and save the txt   API used by   has a simple communications protocol parsing can be easily modified...

Student online course-selecting system

Student online selection system, systems development using b/s structure, front pages produced with Dreamweaver 8, back-end SQL Server database support, dynamic Web pages by using ASP language implementation level database operation to complete the user's requirements. With this system could be effe...

WPF software disc

WPF software interface is shown in Figure...

Simple chat room

Simple chat rooms chat room system for University course design, technology, simple chat rooms including SQL Server 2005,VS2012,C# to connect to the database, user administration, user statement displays the message and log the user off of these four basic functions.Can achieved chat room ba...

Schedule management system

Application backgroundThis product adopts language, database using sqlserver, front desk by the Ajax, excellent jQuery framework, under the prerequisite to meet the functional and performance and make the operator feel convenient and quick. At present, the system has been successfully use...

SIEMENS S7200 Communications

Application backgroundThis is C# realization of Siemens S7200 PLC and host computer driven development, can be used to obtain the data of PLC, using PPI Protocol Serial Driver, source code to read and write PLC real-time data, the effect is good.Key TechnologyC# S7 - 200 PLC and PC communication, PP...

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