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Kinect hand gesture tracking framework

Kinect-based gesture recognition program, C# Prepared...

based-AE Wuhan City public transportation query system

ARCGIS-based component development of the transit system is developed based on AE, the newer version, so to VS2010 to open, well, this is what I downloaded from another site and want to help you,...

Supermarket inventory management system

Related to the supermarket to purchase, sell, stock, inventory query management system. Very wide, containing inventory alerts to connect with the database. Within the database also contains a direct run, all functions also have a comment....

Introduction to DICOM example

space:nowrap;">C# DICOM入门实例,可打开一个DICOM文件,也可查看DICOM 标签文件,不可多得的入门源代码。...

Course design of database written in c #

The experimental procedure is completed the regular expression syntax analysis, create tables, insert data, delete the data in the table, the data modification table, add the attribute table, delete attributes, delete tables, indexes, create, delete indexes, single-table queries single table contain...

C#+arcEngine based on the realization of the time slider function, to achieve the dynamic display of data

C#+arcEngine based on the realization of the time slider function, to achieve the dynamic display of data...

Secs/Gem 通信 Demo软件

 Secs/Gem 通信 Demo软件  非常有参考价值   Secs/Gem 通信 Demo软件  非常有参考价值...


C# Programming FTP client, socket programming, code notes in detail...

GDAL libraries in c # source code

Is useful of projection and image processing program, c # version, most new, for general learning geographic information systems development or GPS industry of general research personnel or development personnel can using, especially relationship vector graphics processing, extraction coordinates et...

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