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Student online course-selecting system

size:16px;">学生在线选课系统,系统开发采用B/S结构,前台用Dreamweaver 8进行页面制作,后台由SQL Server数据库支持,通过使用ASP语言实现动态网页,达到对数据库的操作以完成使用者的要求。通过这个系统可以有效的实现学生网上...

CMPP SP Client

> SP 收发短信的 SP 客户端 -CMPP SP Client...

Personal savings calculator

A simple personal computers, users can quickly calculate the desired check deposit principal and interest and other required information. If you check the financial press APR APR calculations, the number of days the deposit will be converted into life. Otherwise, the interest rate is calculated on a...

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C# family financial system source code

Application backgroundHave a good family financial management system is a very good choice, you can make a detailed management of our daily expenses and harvest.Key TechnologyUsing C# language to develop, a good environment for the production of this system....

C# serial assistant

Application backgroundFor AGV debugging easy development of serial assistant tool to identify the frame head A5 5A automatic response command, just for their own debugging easy to write the tool can be used as a normal serial assistant. Function with the same general serial assistant. Can be used fo...

.NET C# application examples - the home video surveillance system (including database part)

企业QQ系统(包含数据库部分)C#是微软公司发布的一种面向对象的、运行于.NET Framework之上的高级程序设计语言。并定于在微软职业开发者论坛(PDC)上登台亮相。C#是微软公司研究员Anders Hejlsberg的最新成果。C#看起来与Java有着惊...

.net date control

Application backgroundIs a very good use of.Net date control, the control can be used to refer to, very convenient...

.net further study

Clean out treasure to buy, to share with you, feel good, hope everyone under the top!!!!!!...

Micro channel management system

Micro CMS management system function complete, this program developed on the basis of DTCMS, and completely open source, I hope to have a reference for programmers....

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