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Student online course-selecting system

Student online selection system, systems development using b/s structure, front pages produced with Dreamweaver 8, back-end SQL Server database support, dynamic Web pages by using ASP language implementation level database operation to complete the user's requirements. With this system could be effe...

Personal savings calculator

A simple personal computers, users can quickly calculate the desired check deposit principal and interest and other required information. If you check the financial press APR APR calculations, the number of days the deposit will be converted into life. Otherwise, the interest rate is calculated on a...

Screen capture Widget

Screenshot of current screen you can select the output file directory you can set automatic screenshots screenshots you can set automatic cycle screenshot can be set to manual mode you can click to view image using WPF technology needs. NET environment...

C# family financial system source code

Application backgroundHave a good family financial management system is a very good choice, you can make a detailed management of our daily expenses and harvest.Key TechnologyUsing C# language to develop, a good environment for the production of this system....

C# serial assistant

Application backgroundFor AGV debugging easy development of serial assistant tool to identify the frame head A5 5A automatic response command, just for their own debugging easy to write the tool can be used as a normal serial assistant. Function with the same general serial assistant. Can be used fo...

.NET C# application examples - the home video surveillance system (including database part)

Application background.NET C# application instance - enterprise QQ system (including database part)C# is an object-oriented, running on top of Framework.NET, a senior programming language. And is scheduled to debut in the Microsoft Professional Developer Forum (PDC). C# is the latest achievement of...

.net date control

Application backgroundIs a very good use of.Net date control, the control can be used to refer to, very convenient...

.net further study

Clean out treasure to buy, to share with you, feel good, hope everyone under the top!!!!!!...

Micro channel management system

Micro CMS management system function complete, this program developed on the basis of DTCMS, and completely open source, I hope to have a reference for programmers....

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