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Excel2003 procedures to read and write C#

Excel2003 reading and writing program You can read and write Excel 2003 form...

Virtual keyboard

Mostly through c # implementation of a virtual keyboard, using GDI + drawing to achieve, according to keyboard events can also be changed in the virtual keyboard, used primarily for innovative laser keyboard...

Transparent clock demo

Of thinking is drawn directly, of course, is to draw a circle, the points using a stroke counter to regularly draw hour hand, minute hand and second hand. In c # using GDI drawing to completion, combined with the pictureBox to jitter, flicker problem solved....



Show curve

C # implementation curve dynamic display, use ZedGraph controls, timer timer refresh curve curves dynamic changes...

Draw a line c # implementation

Implementation c# to draw a straight line, x.y set the start and end coordinates to draw a straight line, you can set the line thickness and line color, very practical...

A* algorithm

Application backgroundWith the rapid development of the game industry, the application of A* algorithm is more and more, and the search for the intelligent AI function of the help, this example can be used in all kinds of search and maze.Key TechnologyA simple example of a * algorithm, in which the...


code for calculator classilac viwe nice code and simple. This code seem interesting & a little complex, but it's great. I can't wait 2  start once more again in di world of programming. The key of computing is within our hands, the future generation of programming... di code above sel...

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