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Student online course-selecting system

Student online selection system, systems development using b/s structure, front pages produced with Dreamweaver 8, back-end SQL Server database support, dynamic Web pages by using ASP language implementation level database operation to complete the user's requirements. With this system could be effe...

C# controls to achieve full

C# controls to achieve full-featured screenshot...

Excel table entry

Specially formatted Excel table using the applibrary library for reading, get the corresponding cell data, is an example to an introduction to reading and writing Excel...

Personal savings calculator

A simple personal computers, users can quickly calculate the desired check deposit principal and interest and other required information. If you check the financial press APR APR calculations, the number of days the deposit will be converted into life. Otherwise, the interest rate is calculated on a...

Business quotation software source code

According to the enterprise's needs, design and preparation of quotation software program, open source code, for your reference. 1, the establishment of enterprise components library, use SQL to build databases. NET using Linq technology to read library files. 2 library classes, containing automated...

Screen capture Widget

Screenshot of current screen you can select the output file directory you can set automatic screenshots screenshots you can set automatic cycle screenshot can be set to manual mode you can click to view image using WPF technology needs. NET environment...

Topological relation construction

Application background  topological relation is the most basic and most important relationship between spatial objects in GIS. It plays an important role in the process of spatial data modeling, spatial query, analysis, reasoning, mapping, image retrieval and similarity analysis.Key TechnologyU...

Screen saver

Application backgroundVisual program design using studio MFC 2010. Similar to the windows screen can be achieved with the lock function can also be coupled with the function of fingerprint identification. Achieve fingerprint lock, unlock the screen when the fingerprint match.Key TechnologyUsing MFC...

BreakpointTranshttp breakpoint upload

Application background  this is a large file written by C# upload control, support for HTTP, including source control and the ASP.NET call instance, unique ID, upload content type of filial piety (0: HTTP client, 1:truncate, re upload, 2: upload, if the file already exists, it is reported 403),...

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