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Universal probe

Webmaster packages from the online version of space probes essence v0.01Description: support PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,IIS,JSP,CGI programs such as environmental monitoring, convenient webmaster friends to buy hosting ... Probe program's copyright of their respective authors. The probes packages uploaded to t...

Linked lists, student record

This is the record of a student exercise, the linked list data structure is, and has been a great help for beginners, wrote, there is insufficient, please join ......

Realization of dynamic array

The project is the implementation of dynamic arrays, which have1. implementation of exception handling module (c language, not C++);2. the implementation of memory management module, you can easily apply for memory, free memory;3. creation of a dynamic array, release operationsWelcome to download, w...

K-Means in C Programming

// kmeans.c // Ethan Brodsky // October 2011 #include #include #include #define sqr(x) ((x)*(x)) #define MAX_CLUSTERS 16 #define MAX_ITERATIONS 100 #define BIG_double (INFINITY) void fail(char *str) { printf(str); exit(-1); } double calc_distance(int dim...

MFC did draw a circle and polygon approach method

Circle drawing code is compiled using OpenGL and MFC, there are two main is by scanning the beam and polygon approach method...

Student achievement management system

Written in C++ console programs, student achievement management system, information deletion to change for students and other operations.Data structures such as linked lists, based on console....

C ++ development with restaurants navigation system

C ++ console program without knowing the situation for a city bearing the city's restaurants and snack bars for navigation positioning. Using a linked list data structure, using the inherited class to write the way to achieve restaurants navigation....

Bplustree(Realize the function)

Each keyword pointer pointing to a content, later I will search a certain content, directly in the binary tree search keywords, find a match...

Singly linked list data structure design code

The code based on the c++, through the realization of summation, quadraturesingle linked list. Write a program using a single table to store the polynomial,exponential from big to small order polynomial, and the realization of the twopolyno...

Student information management systems (c)

Authors note: this is the authors have written a c program-a student information management system, which is what I write in the data structure experiment course, relatively simple, but it is helpful for beginners. The system inserts, display, query, delete, sort, count and some basic functions, hop...

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