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Room management system

Summary rooms management system as a small of information management system, main requirements has following several function:  has established data file (rooms information file, and live guest information file) function; has read into file content of function;  has data keyboard entered a...

C++ data structure, implemented by means of a stack of expressions

Structure of the source code through a stack, you can implement an expression is evaluated. You can achieve the following features: 1. distinguish between brackets 2. determine if there are errors in the form of the expression 3. determine the decimal and integer 4. calculated according to priority...

Data structure - source code

This is the resources  for the learning of data structure. Basic information is provided . You may find it userful...

Maze problem

Application backgroundGiven a maze, the entrance is the upper left corner, the outlet is the lower right corner, if there is a path from the entrance to the exit, if there is a way out of this. Note that the move can be from the upper, lower, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, eight...

Data structure, queue, hospital booking procedures

Application backgroundIn the more complex data processing, it is usually required to save multiple temporary data. If the data is processed first, then the data is needed to store the data.Key TechnologySee a doctor, the first to see the principle, due to the uncertainty of the number of people here...

Using three tuple to achieve a simple calculation of matrix

Application backgroundUsing three tuple to achieve a simple matrix operations, including matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication and replacement of the operation, while the use of QT to achieve a simple page. This resource uses three tuple to calculate the matrix, the time performance is greatl...

expression evaluation

Application background1 generation stack structure  2 generation priority static table  evaluation of 3 using two stack to achieve expression  4 output expression evaluation results...

Snake game

Application backgroundStdio.h> #include<Windows.h> #include<Time.h> #include<Stdlib.h> #include<Conio.h> #include<Struct Body// defines the snake body structure{Short x, y; / / Snake coordinatesS...

kernel programming - detecting mouse

This program can read the system environment variables, see no mouse. If Yes, will output Mouse is OK, otherwise output No mouse....

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