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August 2012 - My favorite programming language investigation

Poll result of my favorite programming language in August 2012...

An Implementation of a Fault Detection and Isolation System on Foundation Fieldbus Environment

This work shows an implementation of a fault detection and isolation (FDI) system applied to a levels control system. The levels system is connected to a Foundation Fieldbus industrial network. The FDI system was developed using artificial neural networks and tested just as much in simulated en...

bai aprio cho tat ca

As gathered from the network, and also does not work bai sưu tầm tu tren mang, ko hay cho lam...

Simulates the memory

Holder is a logic circuit capable of storing large amounts of binary data, typically used in digital systems of large amounts of data storage. Memory works: memory for each storage unit prepared an address, only address those memory cells are able to communicate with common I/O are connected, and th...

Implement first into and then out of the stack features

Stack is one way to do it "after the first" algorithm of memory. A deposit is a sequence of data (that is, push --push) store. Always have an address pointer points to the last unit of data where the data is pushed on the stack and a pointer to the address of the register called the stack pointer. S...

converstion chiffres en lettres

ch_lettres est une unité delphi pour la conversion  des chiffres en lettres francais...

Warburg apparatus and colorimeter

This code is for Arduino Leonardo. The board reads a pressure sensor MPX5010DP, from Motorola, which is conected to a Warburg vessel. The board reads a light sensor TSLR230 from TAOS as well. So you can choose in beetween two modes: MODE COLORIMETER and MODE WARBURG APPARATUS with a button. In both...

Collection of c language

Highlights of the c language type, collection of a large number of the c language type, Has a lot of simple but very practical algorithms, to learn the c language is a rare information....


Excel download of Xie China Taiwan share program (download future source as soon as China Taiwan certificate Exchange), and take calls from overseas to run different date Hui Xuan release stock Trend in Almaty, Pan means the DVD and kd,MA lines, time sheet inside Hai says out various kinds of techni...

zlib compression algorithm file

zlib is a file compression algorithm, and its compression and decompression algorithms are completely open, so it decodes swf, mp3 decoding has been widely used.The 1.2.3 version is the latest and stable version....

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