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#include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> struct BiTNode           //定义二叉树结构体 {   float data;   struct BiTNode *lchild;   struct BiTNode *rchild; }; //二叉树创建函数 struct BiTNode *CreateTree(float *preorder,floa...


c++链式队列的实现头文件如下: typedef int Item; typedef struct node * PNode; typedef struct node {  Item data;  PNode next; }Node; typedef struct {  PNode front;  PNode rear;  int size; }Queue; /*构造一个空队列*/ Queue *InitQ...

C++ implementation of a one-way list of basic operations, including add, delete, modify, traverse

This case is mainly studying one-way linked list a basic test when practiced hand, including the list of function is, the node delete, modify, traversal....


/**************************************************************************************  * Dragonfly - RTMP Server by ActionScript  *   * Author: SnowMan  * Author QQ: 228529978  * BLOG: or  * Copyright(c) AS-RTMP-Server(Drag...

Binary tree example

Binary tree data structures that are important, other sectors of the data structure is the Foundation of learning. Other tree and binary trees there are similar in nature. Walks through the key algorithm is a tree structure. Good traversal algorithm efficiency and high stability. C++ implementation...

K-Medoids algorithm

#!/usr/bin/python import argparse import csv import numpy import sys # SCRIPT PARAMETERS parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='k-Medoids clustering implementation.') parser.add_argument('--dataset', required=True, help='File in CSV format containing samples.') parser.add_argument...

remove duplicates from a sentence

This program will remove the pattern (substring) from the given string. This is is simplest and easy to understand code written in C++. This is the most accurate and best performance program to use....

code mau LCD4bit.c

void LCD_Enable(void) {  output_high(LCD_EN);  delay_us(100);  output_low(LCD_EN);  delay_us(500); } //Ham Gui 4 Bit Du Lieu Ra LCD void LCD_Send4Bit( unsigned char Data ) {     output_bit ( LCD_D4, Data & 0x01 );     output_bit ( LCD_D5, Data &...

Stack data structure after the expression is evaluated

This program uses Postfix expression is evaluated, which uses a stack, infix expression evaluation is needed to two stacks (operand stack and operate Fu Zhan), so the reader as long as about infix expression and Postfix expressions Conversion between, and Postfix expressions evaluation process. On...

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