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  The purpose of developing attendancemanagement system is to computerized the tradition way oftaking attendance. Another purpose for developing this software is to generate the report automatically at the end ofthe session or in the between of the session...

International Checkers

International Checkers, an ancient board game. Far in the ancient Egyptian pharaohs period existed, modern international checkers in the 12th century stereotypes. International Checkers is a national ethnic checkers evolved. Its long history. According to historians study, checkers originated in anc...


家谱管理系统    任务:实现具有下列功能的家谱管理系统 功能要求: 1). 输入文件以存放最初家谱中各成员的信息,成员的信息中均应包含以下内容: 姓名、出生日期、婚否、地址、健在否、死亡日期(若其已死亡...

Library management system

Library Management source code 65 ======================================================================== MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : Library ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this Library application for y...

KDtree building areas of code easy to understand recent searches

KDtree building code, uses the strategy of the KD-tree build, as well as on KDtree recent searches in the area, and can be run directly, and intuitive. Helpful for beginners KDTREE, KDtree program solely for educational use only....

Yan Weimin data source codes

Yan Weimin data structure of this book is essential for all of a book, which is the classic algorithm of people carefully studied by us. So the source code will help us better learn these algorithms....

Data fitting C++ source code

Smooth fitting for scattered data using C++ language has developed the program, results than with MATLAB, show the effectiveness of the program, and the computational efficiency of the program will be higher, and can be compiled into exe running independent from programming environment, engineering...

Sub-pixel edge detection

Digital Image edge detection and region shape extraction of image segmentation and object recognition, image analysisVery important foundation. At the time of image understanding and analysis, the first step is for edge detection. At present, theEdge detection has become one of the most active compu...

--C language data structures series linear tables

Yan Wei-min version mainly to the data structure (c version) chapter II of linear algorithms in c language, can help beginners understand this part ~ ~ ~...

C++ data structure, implemented by means of a stack of expressions

Structure of the source code through a stack, you can implement an expression is evaluated. You can achieve the following features: 1. distinguish between brackets 2. determine if there are errors in the form of the expression 3. determine the decimal and integer 4. calculated according to priority...


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