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Linked lists, student record

This is the record of a student exercise, the linked list data structure is, and has been a great help for beginners, wrote, there is insufficient, please join ......

C++ management system

Learn their side of a management system that is simpler, issued to hope that God will help me, thanks...

Example Dequeue

this is just an example code C for queue. How to create queue, input queue,delete queue, sorting and display...

code game snake

i give you code game snake write by C , if you care you can tell me about it and I will help you now. Thanks !...

Control leadership

Application backgroundcontrol led, led segment, tutorial use RS-232, create theme Csharp, PIC-C compilerKey Technologyyou can study basic Csharp, programmable PIC16F887...

C program points oranges problem solution

Questions from fun c programming book. Topic difficult for programming beginners. Programs designed by himself, and if there is a friend in need, you can download to see. The main points of the program are data type conversions and formulas described....

C++ source code

Application backgroundGraph theory correlation and its application. Realization method of adjacency matrix,.. Graph theory correlation and its application. Adjacency list, the realization of adjacency matrix graph theory, graph theory and its application. Realization method of adjacency matrixKey Te...

Basic operation of tree

Application backgroundRelative to the linked list to the tree, the tree is a set of nodes with hierarchical relationships, can quickly find, many of the complex structure of the data at a level set up, easy to handleKey TechnologyConcrete implementation of the tree. Contains a number of basic operat...

Farmers cross the river

Application backgroundUsing the VC6.0 platform using C++ language to prepare the farmer to carry the wolf sheep from the river to the other side of the riverKey TechnologyRepresenting the position of the farmer and the wolf in a binary number, using the depth first, array, and the implementation of...


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