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iff a secret encoding and decoding system

it will ask for a encrypted key to  the remote unit and wait for acknowledment. if acknowledgement is received then verification will take place for further communication. If verification is done successfully then communication between both unit will take place efficiently. ...

sharing Project status with trusted Database & E-mail

<span style="font-size:14.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"">weposit that a full-fledged, privacy enabling secure database leveragingserver-side trusted hardware can be built and run at a fraction of the cost ofany (existing or future) cryptography-enabled private data processi...

Implementation of Secure AODV in NS2.35

To impelemnt secure AODV in NS2 this is useful it is basically implement the security in AODC packets. Whent comple the tcl file which will use the AODV protocol then it will encrypt the Packets and sends over the network with encryption....

The LED Block Cipher

We present a new block cipher LED. While dedicated to compact hardwareimplementation, and o ering the smallest silicon footprint among comparableblock ciphers, the cipher has been designed to simultaneously tackle three additionalgoals. First, we explore the role of an ultra-light (in fact non-exist...

Digital signature PDF

Application backgroundIn this article, I will present a simple source code allowing you to digitally sign a PDF document and modify its meta data. I will use the excellent and free port of the iText library: iTextSharp, that can be downloaded here. You'll need Visual Studio 2008 to be...

Fixed AODV routing protocol

Application backgroundA secure version of AODV called Secure AODV (SAODV). It provides features such as integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation of routing data. It incorporates two schemes for securing AODV. To preserve the collaboration mechanism of AODV, SAODV includes a kind of delega...


Application backgroundesta aplicacion le permite codificar mensajes palabras y copiarlos a su sistema para poder ser compartido.Key Technologyel lenguaje c# es un sistema bastante practico y con esta muestra da mejor ejemplo de ello...

OpenSSL gost-2012 patch

Application background This patch adds GOST R 34.10-2012 and 34.11-2012 support to OpenSSL 1.0.2d. It is Russian cryptography standard. Path was found in Internet and applied to OpenSSL recent sources. Key TechnologyOpenSSL 1.0.2d, GOST 34.10-2012 digital signature, GOST 34.11-2012 hash (mes...

IPhone unlock

Application backgroundjhoom bara bar jhoom bara barKey Technologyduring teri maa ki ankh lode singh...

ITunes cookies

Application background during teri maa ki ankh lode singhKey Technologyjhoom bara bar jhoom bara bar...


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