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Ecc 160bit

ECC (Elliptic Curves Cryptography) encryption algorithm is an algorithm for public-key cryptography, RSA algorithm and mainstream compared to ECC algorithms shorter keys can be used to achieve the same level of security. C++ source code for this document is 160bit....

Digital cinema package encryption software

The software is divided into two modules: package and release the cryptographic module module.• Packaged encrypted module: packaged encrypt video files, audio files of the package, and CPL files are generated, PKL file generation and local asset mapping creates a file MAP.asmap (management and key...

Data encryption algorithm of Java platform implementation

In the Java platform based on JCE, achieving MD5SHA calculation of message digests, digital signatures based on DSA, DES encryption algorithm, AES encryption algorithm, and MAC algorithm, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol, digital certificates, and so on....

X64dbg publishing source code debugger interface similar to od

Open-sourceIntuitive and familiar, yet new user interfaceC-like expression parserFull-featured debugging of DLL and EXE files (TitanEngine)IDA-like sidebar with jump arrowsIDA-like instruction token highlighter (highlight registers etc.)Memory mapSymbol viewThread viewContent-sensitive register view...

DES encryption algorithm

Application backgroundDES algorithm is a symmetric cryptosystem in the password system, and it is also known as the American data encryption standard, which is a symmetric encryption algorithm developed by IBM company in 1972. According to 64 bits, the key is 64 bits, and the key is in fact 56 bits...

Completely uses the java compilation the encryption general algorithm package, c

Completely uses the java compilation the encryption general algorithm package, contains des, des3, rsa and so on very many encryptions calculates the law origin code...

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