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SSL cyclone source code, can be transplanted in various types of embedded operating system, including the underlying code of a variety of chips

Application backgroundOn top of the transport layer of information encryption and decryption using SSL protocol, the source code for the C language, also includes an interface for all kinds of mainstream embedded operating system uc / OS-II, FreeRTOS, typical for all types of applications, such as T...

LDPC encoding and decoding procedures

LDPC encoding and decoding processes, reliable operation, primarily coding used for 4G. MATLAB programming, the core code is simple and reliable...


Using c (Crypto++) Realize, based on the serial number of ecc generated code, including test data, and documents ECDSA...

VHDL实现128bitAES加密算法 LOW AREA节约成本的实现 DATA FLOW为8bits

VHDL realize 128bitAES encryption algorithm LOW AREA realize cost-saving DATA FLOW for 8 bits...

IBE identity

IBE identity-based encryption system of the decryption process, using VC6.0 Development...


JAVA development, the use of RSA, MD5 developed a simple digital signature software, can be used for documents and information to do a digital signature....

EVRC compression decompression algorithm source code

EVRC complete source compression decompression algorithms, through the C-C++ Compiled can run!...

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