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pe paper in 1 tool bundled source code! Please use the Delphi compiler!...


cryptographers-- encryption methods of C and C to achieve the best procedures in the VC environment compiler...


cryptographers-- encryption methods of achieving C and C...

ZIP compression decompression source code

ZIP compressed file compression and decompression library, which contains the instance. This module uses the Jean-loup Gailly  and Mark Adler for compression and decompression in the zlib library (compression and the decompression) function provides support for creating, modifying, extracting Z...

7Z-source code be freely embedded programs

Using 7Z-source code, implement custom codecs, can be combined and its own procedures, improve efficiency...

Text file encryptor

Of bytes using a simple addition and subtraction, allows you to enter source code in Chinese is not suitable for use in encrypting any important document is intended for ExchangeUse Visual Studio 2015 production...

-thread.Attached by DES encryption Algorithm

DLL source which is overwirted by comp430s, can be used in multi-thread.Attached by DES encryption Algorithm...

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