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Question bank management system(VB+SQL2005)

1/ User login and regsitery and the homepage of quesiton library module2 quesiton library building module...

QT5 interface to achieve student information management

Application backgroundIn the embedded direction of the computer students may apply to the Linux curriculum design in a subject student information management system, this experiment is mainly using QT to achieve the interface and the database should be followed for some simple operation.Key Technolo...

QT produced a stunning set of controls source package

Application backgroundFirst statement, the source of the source from the forum, after finishing my own amendments and the increase of the property mechanism after the unified integration, to download quickly, absolute value! It is a great source of learning graphics processing! Welcome to comment, i...

30 template source code

Application backgroundBackground management system template interface, pure script and CSS to build, it is an indispensable resource in your development system;Interface is fresh, the atmosphere, can be integrated with JqueryUI to develop a system of your own atmospheric managementKey TechnologyMain...

Supermarket cash register system QT language

Application backgroundFor the beginner of QT is a good choice. Supermarket cash register system covers the development of the interface, the development of the database, the application of the QT. More to increase the Qt language for beginners to understand.Key TechnologyThe application of database,...

Qt5 graphical interface development book

Application backgroundIn the Linux platform, creator Qt software to develop the software interface, the use of the software is creator Qt, language is c++, this information is a good choice for learning Qt friends, the content is very detailed, in-depth analysis of the various functions of Qt5.Key T...

Panoramic view

Application backgroundIn order to run the program, you want to copy the Data under the RealSceneViewr folder to the program directoryKey TechnologyC++, vs2010,3D, panorama, 3D roaming, fisheye panorama...

HTML cool interface landing

Application backgroundFor the landing interface design, the use of HTML and CSS related knowledge, design a beautiful effect, and can attract the eye, the user can effectively use.Key TechnologyUsing the CSS in a lot of practical tips, simplified, increase the reader for CSS and HTML learning intere...

Warehouse management system based on ASP.NET

Application backgroundThe warehouse management system is closely related to the computer, Internet, server and database, and realize the management and operation of the warehouse. Such as: inventory information query, goods storage management, change inventory information, library management, librar...

WIFI C# wireless communication software, control mobile

Application backgroundBased on the C# mobile wireless control software development, based on WIFI wireless remote control, you can send the car's command, set the parameters of the car, and display the status of the car information. Program menu bar, dataGrid, Acess database operationsKey Technology...

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