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Visitor management system

Application background Visitor Management system is our project in BS course. the system frontend is designed in C# Windows Form and its backend design using MS SQL server database. the System has two category as a user and as an administrator. User has two options either a registered user or...

Qt implementation of data acquisition

For embedded data is collected at the bottom, through the Qt had a interface, real-time displays data collected at the bottom, and constantly refreshed by opening the driver, to get information, suitable for beginners...

Image annotation tool based on QT

The main function of this code is to achieve the picture tagging, there are about several functions.1, that is, on the picture to select the appropriate section, then this write coordinates corresponding xml file;2, you can read all the files in the current directory;3, when you open a picture, you...

Virtual oscilloscope

The design for the dual channel virtual oscilloscope using LabVIEW DAQ technology, you can make the channel settings, time base selection, features such as trigger settings, have the function of general purpose oscilloscope, hope you learn from each other and make progress together!...

VC radar simulation

Is a program based on VC + analogue radar scan, used in the majority of ships or position detection program description a radar scan of the real situation in real time, is a great little program code, all have applicability in many interface card...

Nice JSP login

This is an original JSP login screen. Uses CSS technology, JSP-related technologies such as div levitation, makes the interface is beautiful and practical, suitable for beginners and learn....

The Sudoku game based on Qt

Qt Sudoku game, based on the Qt development, suitable for beginners reference. Qt Sudoku game, based on the Qt development, suitable for beginners reference....

Dobby graphical controls -Web workflow designer

Application backgroundDobby graphical controls is a based on Web vector graphics controls, similar to Visio controls on a web page, is currently at home and abroad the best web designer workflow, workflow monitor based on solutions.  Key TechnologyCan be widely used in electric power, military...

WIFI C# wireless communication software, control mobile

Application backgroundBased on the C# mobile wireless control software development, based on WIFI wireless remote control, you can send the car's command, set the parameters of the car, and display the status of the car information. Program menu bar, dataGrid, Acess database operationsKey Technology...

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