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C # imitation offic2010 interface

Office Ribbon is a high imitation office 2007,2010 and 2013 three versions of the interface controls.Features:Performance ribbon is contained within a control window, each element of the above are bound within the control limits. So no matter how to adjust the window size, these controls can display...

The API assistant partner

The API assistant partner, is easy language to develop a good helper, there are a lot of programming is commonly used materials....

Library management system

The system's overall mission is the library and information management. System requirements for complete management of books should include safe landing; management books: books are added and removed; management: take out and in; comprehensive information search functions. This system interface desi...

VC radar simulation

Is a program based on VC + analogue radar scan, used in the majority of ships or position detection program description a radar scan of the real situation in real time, is a great little program code, all have applicability in many interface card...

Mall Bootstrap website template

Application backgroundWomen's clothing store bootstrap website template based on Bootstrap3.1.1, simple and beautiful, adaptive resolution size, compatible with PC and mobile phone terminal, a full set of templates, including home page, about us, contact, user login page, the user registration page,...

Stock information system

Application backgroundStock information system is a run on the "client" search tool. Use new stock information systems you can about the stock information of multi site search on the Internet, not to a few seconds of Kung Fu, all the search results continue to appear in front of youKey TechnologySma...

Qt5 graphical interface development book

Application backgroundIn the Linux platform, creator Qt software to develop the software interface, the use of the software is creator Qt, language is c++, this information is a good choice for learning Qt friends, the content is very detailed, in-depth analysis of the various functions of Qt5.Key T...

Using Qt+LibQrencode to achieve two-dimensional code generation

Application backgroundUsing Qt+LibQrencode to achieve two-dimensional code generation, support cross platform compilerCompiler environment: Creator Qt4.8.4 + Qt  Code QR is a kind of special geometric figure that is used to record the data of black and white in a certain way. A key to all...

Warehouse management system based on ASP.NET

Application backgroundThe warehouse management system is closely related to the computer, Internet, server and database, and realize the management and operation of the warehouse. Such as: inventory information query, goods storage management, change inventory information, library management, librar...

Video player based on creator QT

Application backgroundVideo player based on creator qt.................Key TechnologyVideo player based on creator qt. Can be normal operation under qt4. Using C++. Cross platform transplantation. The interface is perfect, realize video playback, pause, fast forward function....

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