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ATL Service client programming tools is a client-side programming tool....

One dashboard to do QT interface

Instruments made with QT interface, well, please share, contain a light interface, graduated cylinder interface level interface, dashboard interface, contains a detailed description of the interface. You can use it as a template, develop your own favorite interface....

VB warehouse management system

Warehousing in the enterprise plays an important role in the supply chain as a whole, if cannot guarantee proper restocking and inventory control and delivery, will lead to increased administrative costs, and service quality can not be guaranteed, thus affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. T...

Image mosaic system

Image mosaic system, development, under the VC++6 platformdebugging through, can achieve the two images with overlappingstitching, image mosaic effect better complete, the system use MFC framework, there are procedures for the use of t...

MFC student achievement management system

MFC student achievement management system...

C # winfrom to generate two-dimensional code, calling the camera scan QR-code

c # winfrom generate two-dimensional code, call the camera to scan two-dimensional code.1, the development of language: C #;2. Software Type: winfrom interface;3, the software features: (1) the production of two-dimensional code to enter characters, and the show plus save;       ...

SIDUS SS109 云台控制程序

本程序使用RS485串口来控制SIDUS SS109云台,实现让其横滚俯仰运动到指定角度,本程序在windows下用vs2010开发...

Xmodem tests source code in c #

Xmodem test c # to write source code, only supplies the reference. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support!...

Qt design washing machine interface

Using Qt can design a remote control washing machines, divided into upper and lower computer, PC primarily designed with Qt via a serial port connected to the slave, you can remote control through the computer, the program needs to be improved, but basic functions can be realized....

MFC programming drawing board tool

This is the source code of drawing board tool using MFC, with drawing tools for  rectangular, square, oval, round,line, triangle etc. The color, line width, line shape and font can be changed....

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