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ucgui builder 4

This is the latest version of gui builder which is very useful to design your graphical application and have all components which we need to make a beautiful graphical user interface The source code is made automatically and it also has a tab which let you to see differences in adding new widg...

Video surveillance source code

Code written using QT video surveillance, USB Camera data acquisition display, switch via the serial control interface. By Mplayer play the recorded video....

VC achieved printer POS sample application source code

VC implement of POS printers example program source code, please try, if you have any questions or feedback please. Thank you......

Qt+HoopS to develop 3D models

Under Windows to develop 3D models using HOOPS, HOOPS 3D Application Framework (HOOPS/3dAF) was developed by Tech Soft America and again by the Spatial distribution of the product, the product is a world-leading 3D applications provides core graphics architecture and graphics capabilities, these 3D...

C # implementation of HOOK mouse and keyboard source code

Global Hook, you can get Mouseover, Mouse Click, MouseDown Up, DoubleClick. Wheel, Press, keyboard KeyPress, keyDown, KeyUp...

TCP source debugging assistant client threads

Source code source code debugging assistant is only the network client is multithreaded and can realize hex sent, time sent, and so on, is my improved after the CSDN download source, have a good reference value. Compared with conventional network interface the program is complete...

Android smart home APK

Source codeAndroid 4.0 operating environmentOpen home automation bus (openHAB) project aims to provide a common integration platform for home automation everything around. This is a pure Java solution, entirely based on OSGi. Equinox OSGi runtime and Jetty Web server as the basis for establishing th...

The API assistant partner

The API assistant partner, is easy language to develop a good helper, there are a lot of programming is commonly used materials....

Qt based user interface design and scientific calculators

Qt-based UI design, achieving multiple operations, such as a calculator, simple arithmetic operations, you can also access the binary number conversion (binary into octal and so on), you can also access root, factorial and other operations....

Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA system.

Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA systems. in order to practice the ExtJS made a simple page, the function is very simple, wish I could help you. Everybody progresses together is my pursuit....

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