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MP3 version of the Qt5 player

Application backgroundA Qt5 development of the MP3 player, the skin is TT Player, support synchronous lyrics and playback control function of tray....

C++ implementation of 3D model with openGL

Application backgroundComputer graphics is the study of how to convert data into display graphics by computer. It is considering how to use a computer model of an object to synthesize a real or imagined object image.Three dimensional space scene demonstration is through a variety of different combin...

Emwin5.24 simulator

Application backgroundEmwin5.24 simulator, a large number of GUI examples. VS engineering. Can be used as a learning EMWIN entry information....

Virtual keyboard and mouse driver and call source, over NP, HP and other protection

Application backgroundVirtual keyboard and mouse driver and call source, over NP, HP and other protection...

Delphi Vcl Styles Hooks Example

Delphi Vcl Styles Hooks Example.  for beginner which interest delphi programing let's download and extract from .zip,  run and learning in its you will like delphi. it's very easy. clean code. hope helpfull....

QT implementation of the small calendar

QT implementation calendar small features, beginner, easy, just write, bad a lot of features did not come true, tentative, first-aid, Oh!! 1...

. Net c # interface design example

. Net c # interface design example, contains the complete database scripting and DLL controls....

VC++CSV class

&Nbsp;    This resource is very practical class for reading and writing CSV files. Very well written, the code is very simple, very well used in the actual project. Tested by himself, as long as the CSVOperator.h, CSVOperator.cpp and StringParser.h copy the above code into your pr...

C#scrollBar to redraw

A painted scroll bar control, through to redraw the scroll bar controls several components, use your own picture replaces system picture, overload of mouse events, to realize their own scroll bars, the new scroll bar, users can choose the background, arrows and other information...

Qt programming--digital image processing

Qt programming, a small niche, but future trends. Simple Qt programming. Actually no image handler, the function is very simple, if the image is grayscale, monochrome, binary, expansion, corrosion, and borders, go HSV I did jump h, but also a bit of a problem, and, because the program is its own whi...

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