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STM32 EMWIN, themselves transplants, download the latest stemwin5.22, there is interested can refer to the following, without an operating system, because most of their products when no operating system on the LCD drivers need to change yourself according to your own application, and the rest is to...

Packet filtering firewall

The firewall packet filtering firewall functions are simulated and analyzed data to be able to pass, if it meets the requirements of the data will be displayed, if not complying with the rules does not appear, the rule is that you can define yourself....


ANTS from NETLOGO models library source code. Changes have been made as a deterrent.Helps to simulate the process of foraging ants of frame construction....

Gesture recognition in c#

In this article, I would like to discuss one more application, which uses motion detection as its first step, and then does some interesting routines with the detected object – hands gesture recognition. Let’s suppose we have a camera which monitors an area. When somebody gets into the area and...

MFC student achievement management system

MFC student achievement management system...

For the company to do a into the box software, using WPF technology, Oracle Database

A box for company software, using WPF technology, Oracle database, discounted charts the most gorgeous...

C # winfrom to generate two-dimensional code, calling the camera scan QR-code

c # winfrom generate two-dimensional code, call the camera to scan two-dimensional code.1, the development of language: C #;2. Software Type: winfrom interface;3, the software features: (1) the production of two-dimensional code to enter characters, and the show plus save;       ...

Gobang game, based on the MFC vc + + programming algorithm implementation contains AI algorithm

Gobang game, based on the MFC program in vc + + compiler throughMainly used for man-machine against, can choose difficult gamesContains AI search algorithm...

Dial-up Internet access program

This source is mainly by sending AT commands to send text messages, whileusing a serial port to dial up our module is mainly MC8332, convey messages bysending AT commands, and dial-up Internet is using MODEM communication, th...

USB control

This program is about usb comminication with host. Welcome to download and use. Thank you for your support. ...

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