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Delphi drawing tool with source code

Delphi drawing tools included with source code, You can draw different images graphics, can be saved as separate files, graphic images can be resized. Use the FlatStyle space, AAfont space. Ruler controls;...

C # implementation of HOOK mouse and keyboard source code

Global Hook, you can get Mouseover, Mouse Click, MouseDown Up, DoubleClick. Wheel, Press, keyboard KeyPress, keyDown, KeyUp...

Struct Movie

This sourcecode is about c programming of a structure about movieType  Define a struct, movieType, to store the following dataabout a movie: movie name (string), movie director (string),producer (string), the year movie was released (int), and number ofcopies in stock. Write a program that decl...


Kinect Gets a skeleton source code, and save 20 bones and the coordinates of the location, available for kinect is started....

Duilib cool interface, can be packaged resources

Duilib cool interface, can be packaged resources, transparent window, skin packaged in a program to prevent human modification...

Multi picture switching effect of Delphi under XE7

Multi picture switching effects under Delphi XE7, use the xe7 have ready-made controls to achieve the function, does not need the complex image processing techniques.Use the Imagin control to load multiple images, and set the control mode switching effect....

JQuery mobile mobile front-end interface

Using jQuery mobile framework completes a prototype of a mobile app interface, are helpful to use jQuery mobile do the actual project or use as a beginner Learning jQuery mobile example!...

Secondary development of mapx in the VC environment instance

VS2008 context secondary development of mapx the simple source code. 1. this procedure removed almost all the other useless interface, except that the map loaded, most suitable for secondary development getting started; 2. development environment install mapx software is the simplest method to build...

AR ar Adaptive prediction

Packaged AR Autoregressive methods, there are adaptive parameter choices, which included Grey  , ARMA, and mixed-language programming, with Teechart control displays data view...

Qt-based Minesweeper

A simple interface based on qt demining software, to achieve the basic functions of demining, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, custom mode settings, as well as skin replacement function, the use of the platform for qt, language c ++, the interface is beautiful and practical...

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