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Image mosaic system

Image mosaic system, development, under the VC++6 platformdebugging through, can achieve the two images with overlappingstitching, image mosaic effect better complete, the system use MFC framework, there are procedures for the use of t...

Library management system

The system's overall mission is the library and information management. System requirements for complete management of books should include safe landing; management books: books are added and removed; management: take out and in; comprehensive information search functions. This system interface desi...

Stock information system

Application backgroundStock information system is a run on the "client" search tool. Use new stock information systems you can about the stock information of multi site search on the Internet, not to a few seconds of Kung Fu, all the search results continue to appear in front of youKey TechnologySma...

Dial-up Internet access program

This source is mainly by sending AT commands to send text messages, whileusing a serial port to dial up our module is mainly MC8332, convey messages bysending AT commands, and dial-up Internet is using MODEM communication, th...

Secondary development of mapx in the VC environment instance

VS2008 context secondary development of mapx the simple source code. 1. this procedure removed almost all the other useless interface, except that the map loaded, most suitable for secondary development getting started; 2. development environment install mapx software is the simplest method to build...

LCD12864 drawing

LCD12864 drawing functions, using the C++ language and MSP430F5529 microcontroller, can draw on the LCD the LCD image, suitable for interface development functions....

Developed using WPF custom controls is very beautiful and in-vehicle control platform

Developed using WPF custom controls is very beautiful and in-vehicle control (switch including audio mixers, video switch matrix and the satellite signal strength display, and so on), the interface is very beautiful...

GuppY camera development process

The code using VS2010 developed object-oriented interface, you can implement 1394 camera image capture, stop, gain exposure and brightness adjustment, and if image acquisition card has been installed on it. These can be run, here talking to you guys, hope that helps....

Supermarket cash register system QT language

Application backgroundFor the beginner of QT is a good choice. Supermarket cash register system covers the development of the interface, the development of the database, the application of the QT. More to increase the Qt language for beginners to understand.Key TechnologyThe application of database,...

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