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Image processing system

Application backgroundImage processing system is a typical image processing software, which consists of image display, image conversion, image processing, character recognition, and so on.Program written by VS2010, VS2008 re compiled...

Image processing

This is my own digital image processing software based on MFC, video-smoothing filter, edge detection, background separation, video on character recognition system. For students to learn video processing are of great help....

Instrument simulation code

From the network, fully open source code to simulate some instrument programming interface, very nice and perfect, you can reference...

C # global hooks achieve amplifier features

Realized by Hook amplifier function, you can use this code to learn how global hooks are loaded....

Player interface

Written in Qt player interface, implements a simple interface, interface design has a very good reference value...

Oscilloscope screen

Oscilloscope through c # interface, smooth interface, adjustable screen size, display 4 Channel interface simulates analog oscilloscope display, the background color can be adjusted...

Virtual oscilloscope

    Pure, virtual Oscilloscopes, worth sharing and reference, you can dynamically shrink and expand, MFC framework implements. Oscilloscope has ten pages, each page has ten channels are free to change the code yourself and achieve the results they want to achieve. Better...

C # basic interface code

Student experiment on c #, write about simple basic interface code, very basic ... Includes: the process of creating a Windows Forms application; Timer, ListView and ComboBox, DatePicker, and other common controls dynamically build TreeView nodes...

MFC picture control

Wrote one arrow controls, paint can drag, the line with the mouse to change, can be large or small. Can draw rectangle, polygon, draw arrows to draw a single, bi-directional arrows for painting in the image video, track directions...

Industrial Curve drawing in real time

Draw pie chart, bar chart and other statistics charts as well as other curved chart in real time. There are a range of functionalities.You may find it useful as the interface of industrial software...

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