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Foreign writing desktop integration software

Desktop integration of foreign software--the source code, C++, containing a document, with the principle. -Desktop integration of foreign software- source, C++, containing documents, introduced with the principle....

QR code defect detection

QR code defect detection features include QR code regional positioning and reading, Underworld, Moon's path, a block of black and white blocks and smearing defect detection 。 The test object is a two-dimensional code defect detection demo program, this test requires to achieve detection capability...

VCUI interface

Open source C++ Windows development desktop Visualizer interface library, interface libraries currently available is more popular, a lot of software used to implement, including interface control full, worth collection....

ATL Service client programming tools is a client-side programming tool....

Image mosaic system

Image mosaic system, development, under the VC++6 platformdebugging through, can achieve the two images with overlappingstitching, image mosaic effect better complete, the system use MFC framework, there are procedures for the use of t...

duilib good open source interface library can easily make 360 interface effect

Duilib good open source library interface can conveniently make 360 the effect of interface...

Qt design washing machine interface

Using Qt can design a remote control washing machines, divided into upper and lower computer, PC primarily designed with Qt via a serial port connected to the slave, you can remote control through the computer, the program needs to be improved, but basic functions can be realized....

Video surveillance source code

Code written using QT video surveillance, USB Camera data acquisition display, switch via the serial control interface. By Mplayer play the recorded video....

Library management system

The system's overall mission is the library and information management. System requirements for complete management of books should include safe landing; management books: books are added and removed; management: take out and in; comprehensive information search functions. This system interface desi...

VC radar simulation

Is a program based on VC + analogue radar scan, used in the majority of ships or position detection program description a radar scan of the real situation in real time, is a great little program code, all have applicability in many interface card...

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