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Secondary development of mapx in the VC environment instance

VS2008 context secondary development of mapx the simple source code. 1. this procedure removed almost all the other useless interface, except that the map loaded, most suitable for secondary development getting started; 2. development environment install mapx software is the simplest method to build...

GuppY camera development process

The code using VS2010 developed object-oriented interface, you can implement 1394 camera image capture, stop, gain exposure and brightness adjustment, and if image acquisition card has been installed on it. These can be run, here talking to you guys, hope that helps....

Supermarket cash register system QT language

Application backgroundFor the beginner of QT is a good choice. Supermarket cash register system covers the development of the interface, the development of the database, the application of the QT. More to increase the Qt language for beginners to understand.Key TechnologyThe application of database,...

Panoramic view

Application backgroundIn order to run the program, you want to copy the Data under the RealSceneViewr folder to the program directoryKey TechnologyC++, vs2010,3D, panorama, 3D roaming, fisheye panorama...

Image processing system

Application backgroundImage processing system is a typical image processing software, which consists of image display, image conversion, image processing, character recognition, and so on.Program written by VS2010, VS2008 re compiled...

MFC realization of liquid level control system

Application backgroundSimple level control system implemented by MFC, with PID algorithm, and contains a button mapping class, very powerful....

DFT With graph

In mathematics, the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) converts a finite list of equally spaced samples of a function into the list of coefficientsof a finite combination of complex sinusoids, ordered by their frequencies, that has those same samp...

List box - scrollbars update (LV8.6).Vi

-Scroll the list box updated (LV8.6). vi,LAVIEW on the use of a multiple-column list box, during use, the scroll bar update...

LabVIEW Development string mouth

Based on LabVIEWMake your own serial debugging assistant...

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