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Reducing energy consumption by clustering and mobility of sinks

I have created a clusters (collection of nodes)... For energy efficiency i implement mobility for sinks... To avoid congestion clusters and rendezvous node was introduced... The cluster head is the node one among the cluster.. The cluster head collect data from all the nodes in its cluster which avo...

JPEG decoding source code

Jpegsrc.v7.tar.gz for JPEG decoding. Unpack in a Linux environment, and configure; make; make install...

All-IP digital intercom source code

-All-IP digital intercom source definitely help, UDP transmission of audio, you can two-way intercom, the development platform for linux....

Serial operation program based on Linux platform

Application operated under Linux serial port, you can configure the baud rate, stop bits, parity bits, character mode operation of the serial, communications, and so on....

Clustering in AODV routing protocol

This is the source code of clustering in AODV routing protocol. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

PTZ control source

PTZ control source code, mainly for the PTZ camera direction operating above and below, as well as stretching of the camera control, customizable pan/tilt speed, and so on. Source code is used in C++...

Wireshark1.12.1 source code

The latest official source: Wireshark-1.12.1, can be compiled directly in the Linux environment, supports a variety of network packet analysis, such as MMS,goose, etc. Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) is a network packet analyzing software . Network packet analyzing software 's function is to capture...

ARM based QT webcam software

Web camera driver of development, based on ARM development boards, QT platform. Hope for all of us....

Linux Systems Manager

Butler integrates several Linux systems management capabilities to manage your Linux system, whether you are a newbie or expert you can use it to manage your system any portion of it, has reached tens of thousands of lines of code, has the reference value....

Sharing memory realization of a producer-consumer problem

Achieve your goals 1 、 Use fork Creation process. 2 、 Buffer is implemented using shared memory. 3 、  2 A producer, 2 A consumer. Producers will be 1 to 10000000 Buffers of data, consumers to read data from the buffer, And ongoing basis. The fina...

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