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Software virtual Bluetooth keyboard

Through the implementation of Bluetooth HID specification, Linux computers can be a virtual Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones. Cell phones turn on Bluetooth, Bluetooth input device through connected computers out of service by beating on a computer keyboard, you can accurately synchronized input to...

H264 encoding library

Part H.264/MPEG-4 10th , also known as AVC(dvanced vIDEO cODing, advanced video coding), is a video compression standard, a widely used high-precision video recording, compressing and publishing formats. The first edition of the final draft of the standard was completed in May 2003. H.264/MPEG...

FTP proxy source code in c

Realization the active mode and passive mode FTP proxy, which runs on Linux under debug has passed, can build on a Linux server, running FTP client window, access the proxy IP used by....

md5sum source code

Many source code md5sum is problematic online, I'll submit a source code  run effects as  md5sum for your reference...

Aomdv protocol Ns2 Coding

Ad-hoc on demand multipath distance vector is an extension to the AODV protocol for computing multiple loop –free and link- disjoint paths. The protocol computes multiple loop- free and link disjoint paths. To ensure loop-freedom and node only accepts an alternate path to the destination if it has...

ecdsa(Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm).

2 weeks ago I did a school project on ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm). At HTX we have to do a project that goes beyond the curriculum, we must combine two subjects and do an individual project about something we find interesting. I decided to combine mathematics and prog...

802 ns2 tcl file

1-persistent  1-persistent CSMA is an aggressive transmission algorithm. When the sender (station) is ready to transmit data, it senses the transmission medium for idle or busy. If idle, then it transmits immediately. If busy, then it senses the transmission medium continuously u...

Spidev driver example

This example show spi communication sample. But it can be very useful for programmer. I hope this sample will be helpful for programmer...

QT implementation of instrument panel

Using the QT open source software on Linux platform, C++ to write graphical instruments, digital signal can be converted to a graphic instrument signal, displayed among windowform, the code uses simple, easy for beginners to learn and use!...

Linux c FTP client source code, upload and download

Linux c programming language implementation of FTP client source code, upload and download....

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