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Feige biography

Feige Biography book written in C++ under Linux, well logging, fully open source. Recommended recommended. Is the qipmsg-1.0.0 version, GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, M...

Linux video capture one frame the image

V4L2 is linux Kernel driver for video equipment, cameras under Linux using the V4L2 driver can be capture one frame and save it as an image file, convenient video image processing....

Tinyftp is a small FTP server-side c source code

Tinyftp, a small FTP server-side c source code for learning purposes. Easy to read, it is easy to extend. But some standards are not the same, but I was thinking. Easy to learn, is the basis of learning Web development well. Good Linux c applet, program more classic....

RTP protocol summary from principles to code

RTP protocol summary from principles to code, reproduce someone else 's, something really good to have great earnings...

EPOLL detailed examples

Good example EPOLL document Lock.cpp: the lock operation, read locks can be complicated, write lock is exclusive.Queue.h: encapsulation of queues, queue read and write all the lock protection.Socket.cpp: a simple package of socket.Thread.cpp: the thread stop thread package implements some simple, fe...

QT network programming

QT network programming, learning materials, explains network programming approach, content source, then you can simply add project files directly, I hope can help you....

Embedded Linux serial port transceiver

Use serial port to send and receive files, suitable for embedded development, serial communication for data transfer, reads data from files sent through the serial port, and accept data from the serial port on the other end and keep it in a file, has the detailed annotation, suitable for beginners....

Outguess under LINUX system

OutGuess is a development on the Linux platform and open source software, the latest version developed for the 2001 version 0.2;As Android (Android) operating system based on Linux systems and OutGuess can be easily transplantedOn to the system.Information hiding detection softwareBusiness software:...

YUV player under Linux

Under Linux using GTK and SDL libraries YUV player can play purely YUV data before I choose a good resolution, choosing the right play. Zip code, executable files and PPT documents....

3 code for routing aodv & DSDV &DSR

this 3 code write foe simulating 3 protocol networking includes:aodv-dsr-dsdv this code write in form language tcl and complete run.this code write for ns 2 :for run this code's : please enter :$ns aodv-rout.tcl and ......

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