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Simulation of AODV protocol in NS2 environment and analysis of delay and throughput

Application backgroundSimulation of AODV protocol in NS2 environment, and delay throughput analysis, two kinds of node simulation, the first manually set fifty nodes and dynamic, second kinds of random generation of topology and data flow...

Process and thread control based on Linux

Application background    this is a simple Linux based on the operating system of the producer - consumer issues and documents reading and writing problems...

QT to draw curves

Over time, dynamic curve, /* Time */ void Dialog::timerUpDate() { t += 10; Point.setX(t); /* Time plus two seconds */ Point.setY(qrand() % 100); /* Setting the ordinate value */ path->lineTo(Point); /* */ If (t>width ())/* when the time value t is greater than the width of th...

FIR filter

In digital signal processing, the FIR filter is essential. This code is mainly to achieve for digital signal processing in FIR filter operates for each sample point. Source code needs to run in a Linux environment....

ZigBee protocol stack

Zstack protocol stack source code, based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard by TI (Texas instruments) developed a network system...

Cuckoo Search Algorithm

%% Set problem parameters% select your cost function:costFunction = 'rastrigin';           % F6 +/-5.12npar  = 100;          % number of optimization variablesvarLo = -5;         % Lower  band of parametervarHi =  5...

Avi file to read and write library can store video voice H264 MPEG4 MJPEG

Contain the following APIavi_t* AVI_open_output_file(char * filename);void AVI_set_video(avi_t *AVI, int width, int height, double fps, char *compressor);void AVI_set_audio(avi_t *AVI, int channels, long rate, int bits, int format, long mp3rate);int AVI_write_frame(avi_t *AVI, char *data, long bytes...

Wu-Manber algorithm c language

wu-manber algorithm c language, multi-mode matching algorithm, fast and efficient....


基于LINUX系统编写的一款TCP/IP传输加速软件。常用于卫星通信方面,TCP/IP加速源码。linux!-Commonly used in satellite communications, TCP/IP speed up the source, based on linux!...

implementation of new routing protocol

tried to implement a new routing protocol with an extension of provides better performance in terms of delay and jitter....

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