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Embedded Linux serial port transceiver

Use serial port to send and receive files, suitable for embedded development, serial communication for data transfer, reads data from files sent through the serial port, and accept data from the serial port on the other end and keep it in a file, has the detailed annotation, suitable for beginners....

Outguess under LINUX system

OutGuess is a development on the Linux platform and open source software, the latest version developed for the 2001 version 0.2;As Android (Android) operating system based on Linux systems and OutGuess can be easily transplantedOn to the system.Information hiding detection softwareBusiness software:...

YUV player under Linux

Under Linux using GTK and SDL libraries YUV player can play purely YUV data before I choose a good resolution, choosing the right play. Zip code, executable files and PPT documents....

3 code for routing aodv & DSDV &DSR

this 3 code write foe simulating 3 protocol networking includes:aodv-dsr-dsdv this code write in form language tcl and complete run.this code write for ns 2 :for run this code's : please enter :$ns aodv-rout.tcl and ......

based on Qt Implement FTP client

FTP client based on Qt code, refer to the example in the Qt documentation, you can implement a basic FTP upload and download functionality, but you cannot upload and download folder that can be used to learn and improve....

Tcl Code of Routing protocols

you can use this codes to evaluate the performances of routing protocols in ad hoc networks. with different code of metrics (CRN, PDR , Débit ...) Best Regards...

OLSR tcl file

OLSR Optimized Link State Routing protocol is a proactive protocol. It is a advanced version of Link State Routing. the key concept MPR (Multi Point Relay) is used in OLSR. In OLSR, only nodes, selected as MPRs, are responsible for forwarding control traffic. This reduces the no of tr...

optimized link state routing protocol in ns2

This document describes the Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR)   protocol for mobile ad hoc networks.  The protocol is an optimization   of the classical link state algorithm tailored to the requirements of   a mobile wireless LAN.  The key concept used in th...

FFmpeg video decoder source code

Multimedia video decoder in the programming code! Instance has five complete application within-FFMPEG...

Linux LAN chat

Applicable to chat system under Linux have text chat and file transfer capabilities to save local chat messages. And qtcreator source development....

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