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implementation of new routing protocol

tried to implement a new routing protocol with an extension of provides better performance in terms of delay and jitter....

Video playback

Use Qt Creator be written GUI, using standard V4L2 interface for video capture, video capture process uses multiple threads to achieve, and then use the label to achieve video playback...

Mixed security

Application background we bring novelties to secure military MANET communication for three main points: Cryptographic methods used in MANETs, hybrid key management protocols and structural organization of the military MANETs. As a new approach, we use Hybrid Crypto Secure Signcryption Scheme &n...

FTP client

Application background FTP Client program in C and PHP FTP client program in C and PHP to connect to FTP server with all functionalities of standard FTP.(Tested on many FTP sites).Following functions are included. For example: ls : To list files in current directory on server si...

LAN chat system based on Linux

This is a LAN chat software based on Linux platform, reference version is QQ, all basic function is in place, is a very complete set of projects for beginners can be a bit difficult to digest, but is an excellent learning project, take your will reap rewards...

PHP multithreading communication

Application backgroundPHP comes with the multi-threaded function, the treatment effect is not satisfactory. So the Internet has downloaded a special tool to solve the problem of PHPKey TechnologyThreads Synchronization Worker Threads Complete Support for OO ie. - traits Posix, interfaces, inheritanc...

Lianliankan games

Lianliankan games, as long as the same two cards with three or less lines connected together can be eliminated, the rules easy. Game speed faster tempo, so clear and sweet, suitable for observant Player . Rich in props and join in public mode, enhanced competition in the games. Style map, so players...

Concurrent server (b) thread

· POSIX thread library Pthreads presentation · POSIX pthreads library provides the basic thread operations · A thread attribute · A thread mutex and synchronization · Use GDB to debug threads and thread tuning · A multithreaded Web server model · Test topics...

C/CString library functions

Document briefly describes some commonly used string library functions. For example, together with a brief explanation, more suited to c/c++ beginners. I hope to be helpful....

Circular buf sample

A simple circular buffer to use, the program is relatively simple, 2 threads a line of Cheng Fu accountability writes, one thread is responsible for reading out data...

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