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LAN chat system based on Linux

This is a LAN chat software based on Linux platform, reference version is QQ, all basic function is in place, is a very complete set of projects for beginners can be a bit difficult to digest, but is an excellent learning project, take your will reap rewards...

Lianliankan games

Lianliankan games, as long as the same two cards with three or less lines connected together can be eliminated, the rules easy. Game speed faster tempo, so clear and sweet, suitable for observant Player . Rich in props and join in public mode, enhanced competition in the games. Style map, so players...

Star Wars

QT-based Star Wars     Star Wars games inside this QT, and the differences are very large, such as lightning, rough, and can be used as examples. Mainly in the LINUX environment, design a shot, move, scoring module, which can be download and see for yourself, or have some help....

Music player

Player system is a collection of images, graphics, sound, video, animation, and a series of ways to convey information is able to allow the user to interactively import images, graphics, sound, video, animation, and processed through the computer software and hardware equipment. Require GUI under Li...

NS2 code AODV

simulation in ns2 with AODV protocol.This source code help to understand the protocol network. This revels the packet throughput, network bandwidth and packet end of delay in the network....

the he tre vn la gi

in this project,we use image background subtraction for motion detection,then we utilize kalman filter for track the detect object.kalman filter is a varies of baysiyem this project we think that the guasian.......

Process pipeline

Implements a simple pipe communication between processes. Creating anonymous pipe; create a child process; execute child process; the child process to the parent process writes data, close the read end of the pipe; implement parent process; Parent process to child process writes data read...

weather monitoring

Weather Monitoring System ORP. Skip Navigation Links. Real-time monitoring, Expand Real-time monitoring. Historical data, Expand Historical data. Teaching ... Weather sensors and monitoring equipment from Stevens Water, including precipitation (rain) gauges, wind speed and...

Pipeline Communications

int main(int argc, char **argv){int pipefds[2],pipefds2[2];pid_t pid;int i,j;char buffer[255];If (pipe (pipefds) < 0)//first pipeline{printf("errorn");}pid=fork();if(pid<0)exit(1);if (pid==0){close(pipefds[1]);memset(buffer,0,sizeof(buffer));while(1){I=read (pipefds[0],buffer,sizeof...

code simulator ns2

simulator active queue management in ns2 as Blue, fairblue ...

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