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Through the development board buttons to control the specific lights on the board of the light16.LED operation  16.1           ; load driving module, lights all the lights;           ; unloading driver module to shut down all the lights...

Font generation

Understanding of countless Windows program, never shown the Chinese characters and English letters as one thing. This also no wonder, when writing the program window, what SetWindowText, MessageBox, SetDlgItemText and so on, you only need you want to display the string passed into the, then compile,...

Round growth algorithm

C++ reads the SHP data and simplify, simplify the algorithm for "growth" algorithms and simplify some elements before and after the statistical information to a certain extent, is one of the more detailed simplified algorithm, using the Linux platform for programming, has the certain reference value...

simple telnet

linux c programming server, client beginer socket study...

C traps and pitfalls

C traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps and defects c traps and pitfalls c traps and pitfalls c traps...

Universal link list

This is a mighty chain, it, embed it into your data structure, achieve the linked list functionality once and for all....

Student management system

I'm doing a school information management system, where there is inadequate please contact and common progress ... ... ... ......

Different Tree algorithms

Different Tree algorithms programmed involving AVL Tree,Binary Tree,Binary Search Tree,Thread,etc...

C++ logging class and socket client class

Logt is logged under the  Linux class in your own projects, simple and efficient. Does not depend on other libraries. Sockett is a communications package under Linux client class, provide a time-out transceiver and connect, nonblocking mode, also used in engineering....

NS 2 Scence file Creation

ns2 scene file creation will be displayed.Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) widely adopted for various Sensor Network variations. It has become one of the most used bases for developing new architecture protocols or modifying the existing one in WSN...

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