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Bank management system

Total bank management system. It gives the complete facity of account creation ,number of candidates having accounts ,complete details of account transaction etc.......

Power Efficient Gathering Sensor Information system

In PEGASIS protocol the energy load is distributed evenlyamong the sensor nodes in the network. Initially the nodes are placed randomlyin the play field, and therefore, the i –th node is at a randomlocation. The nodes are organized to form a chain, which can either beaccomplished by the sensor nod...

Silver search parallel code

Application background So not too much bad, but if you want people to use this give it the same options as grep make the default limits unlimited... otherwise you have bullshit like "ag ag | grep silver" not finding everything because the first "ag" matched too many and stopped. Yes, people chain...

Automatic batch operation

Application backgroundfdsgfgfdhghgf ukf uhsadag  html lasfigialfsaas askghsagsaKey Technologygfhdgfjytuytuetueur ahsgas7jy32hg  c html vb script...

From the simple to the complex driver code

The driving code, from simple to complex, character-driven, and block device drivers, network device drivers, simple and easy to understand code examples. 1th_buttons_poll,2th_signal_app3th_buttons_fasync 4th_lcd 5th_led_mmap 6th_led_bus_device_driver 7th_buttons_input8th_ts 9th_usb...

slip related code

  Slattach (); slopen (); slinit (); slinput (c, TP); sloutput (IFP, m, DST, RTP); slstart (TP), slip Protocol related functions....

Bank Queuing software

Application backgroundBank Queuing software, suitable for just learning Linux friends, in the Linux to achieve the queuing function, can be used as a studyKey TechnologyLinux programming, combined with the development of QT software for beginners, learning from the use of C language development, can...


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