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Pipeline Communications

int main(int argc, char **argv){int pipefds[2],pipefds2[2];pid_t pid;int i,j;char buffer[255];If (pipe (pipefds) < 0)//first pipeline{printf("errorn");}pid=fork();if(pid<0)exit(1);if (pid==0){close(pipefds[1]);memset(buffer,0,sizeof(buffer));while(1){I=read (pipefds[0],buffer,sizeof...

Student management system

I'm doing a school information management system, where there is inadequate please contact and common progress ... ... ... ......

wireless sensor networks

DescriptionNodes are configured with specific parameters of a mobile wireless node.After creating the nam file and trace file, we set up topography object. set node_ ($i) [$ns node] is used to create the nodes. Initial location of the nodes is fixed. Specific X, Y coordinates are...

Manchester Receiver Using Mixed Design

Abstract: and Verilog source code for a Manchester Encoder Decoder. The reasons to use Manchester code are discussed. The code can be compiled into ...

QT lottery apparatus

Use QT to achieve a small lottery softwareYou can display nameYou can start and stop the picture picture switching switch....

Cooperative network

In this code is used to know the Packet classification of the sending packets...In the trie based routing is formed detween the each and every node............

Creating with a large number of nodes Wireless Sensor Network

This programmme is very useful in creating a wireless sensor network. It can be used directly in the code as the module. This creates a wireless sensor network that consists of many nodes and also provides to select a region in which they can be managed to send the data and receive the data. It acts...

Bank management system

Total bank management system. It gives the complete facity of account creation ,number of candidates having accounts ,complete details of account transaction etc.......

Power Efficient Gathering Sensor Information system

In PEGASIS protocol the energy load is distributed evenlyamong the sensor nodes in the network. Initially the nodes are placed randomlyin the play field, and therefore, the i –th node is at a randomlocation. The nodes are organized to form a chain, which can either beaccomplished by the sensor nod...

Parallel version of the quantum Italy strong coffee 5.2.0

Application backgroundis an integrated suite of Open-Source computer codes for electronic-structure calculations and materials modeling at the nanoscale. It is based on density-functional theory, plane waves, and pseudopotentials.Key TechnologyQuantum ESPRESSO is an Open Source distribution. We shal...


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