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6 kinds of regional integration method

Region-based wavelet transform fusion method is mainly based on regional energy, regional variance, the largest in this region several ways....

MATLAB implementation to identify the image of the clock's time

Hough transform is a vote on the principle of using a parameter estimation techniques. The principle is the point of the image space using the Hough parameter space and the line - duality, to convert the image space to the parameter space of the detection problem. By simple statistics accumulated in...

EmguCV video

Use EmguCV achieve playback video features, including the use of cameras to record video has been playing video capabilities are realized using ImageBox function is relatively simple. I hope we learn together to explore....

vc ++ segmentation based on region growing PCL

vc ++ segmentation based on region growing PCL, PCL version 1.7.1. Data processing target for 3D point cloud data can be automatically region growing segmentation algorithm based on the processing of three-dimensional points,According to experimental results obtained good...

SIFT algorithm

Scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT or Scale-invariant feature transform) is a computer vision algorithms to detect and describe local features in images, it find extremum points in the scale, and extract its location, scale and rotation invariant, this algorithm is published by  ...

Xe5 disguised achieve gif animation. rar

Delphi xe5 disguised achieve gif animation Description: 2 controls TImage, TBitmapListAnimationGIF GIF Tools, out of each photo, assume that photo n, with beautiful pics all pictures into one piece again.Then put the bitmap property to TBitmapListAnimation your synthetic pictures....

Simple OpenCV Painting System

OpenCV simple painting systems, applications, cameras to detect yellow to as a "pen"...


Bezier curve is a widely used parameter curve shape design, shape it through some specific control points to the curve, which is the control point vertices. The code is based on the understanding of Bezier curves, using opengl related application on curved areas, drawing Bezier surfaces in the Visua...

Qt using Opencv2 USB camera

Qt using Opencv2 acquisition USB camera image, the Ubutu12.04 system, the installation of OPencv2, using the USB camera, inserted is available....

WinForm electronic photo album

C # development, photo browsing, auto-play. Tree-view the photos list database to store photos, support update, retrieve, delete photos, and so on....

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