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QR decoding C++ correctly decoding

QR decoding C++ correctly decode the QR encoder, Japanese series, can be used, and write in the following box, replaced by QR-Two-dimensional encoder, the Japanese series, you can use the box below to write content, automatically become the two-dimensional code...

VC use paint control

A open source control using VC chart, 3D images, users are free to change, very good. the source package is a open -source graph controls, easy to use ....

MATLAB image edge-detection operator integration

Built-in edge by MATLAB function image edge But lighter than the single operators have an edge Sobel,Prewitt,Roberts by three effects similar operators get the edge adds up...

MFC clock alarm clock features double buffering

Under VC6.0 MFC write clock, the clock counts drawn using double buffering, alarm function, can be scheduled. Good alarm clock on a regular basis, TXT text, at once remove all the alarm clock, pay attention to the alarm clock music format with the storage path. Otherwise, it doesn't make any noise....

Simulation of aircraft and missile flight

This is a 3D simulation based on OpenGL and MFC aircraft and missile program (you can switch between the missiles and aircraft). Draw a simple mountain scenes, and some trees. Comparison of missile exhaust plume. Zip file contains the entire project's header files, source files, and resource files,...

Stereo matching

Izir principle is based on the system of binocular stereo matching male distribution along the corrected stereo pairs of horizontal pole lineMatch search, which matches one by one pixel in the image obtained correspondence, and calculated the corresponding VisualFigure. Volume four algorithms is the...

HMM for face recognition

Opnecv widely used in machine vision, this code is based on hidden Markov OpenCV (HMM), face recognition, can be a good face recognition technology, code is written in c++, to learn face recognition has the very big help...

Background subtraction algorithm, multitarget tracking

A multiple-object tracking Matlab code, annotated document. Background subtraction can implement updates in real time. The code to detect and track small targets very well, but after tracking the target is greater than 8, effect a lot-...

BM3D 图像降噪

Three dimensional block (BM3D) algorithm:It first divides the image into a certain size block, according to the similarity between the tiles, two-dimensional images of structures with similar blocks together to form a three dimensional array, then use federated filtering methods to deal with these t...

Ray tracing

   First determine the position of the eyes and gaze direction. Then determine the proceeding from the eye through each pixel Center Ray equation.   Through the rays of the light and the objects in the scene recently of intersection. If the intersection point, first of all, the shadow te...

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