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基于sift的图像复制粘贴篡改检测方法,首先提取出sift特征,这里提取的sift特征是用c++代码提取的,然后进行g2nn匹配和 凝聚层次聚类 ,最后根据仿射变换参数标出篡改区域。并用连线的方式将真实区域和复制粘贴篡改...

Sift-based image copy-and-paste forgery techniques

Image-based replication sift paste tamper detection algorithm first extracted sift feature, using a hybrid programming method for extracting sift online offer, then sift feature matching with RANSAC algorithm eliminate mismatch right, and finally with the segment will copy and paste the original blo...

QR code recognition for free

QR code recognition source code, spent a long time to get something, you two-dimensional code recognition source code, spent a long time to get something, you two-dimensional code recognition source code, spent a long time to get something, you...

SURF algorithm to extract characteristic points of the image-stitching program

Program algorithm as SURF feature extraction algorithm for image mosaics. First enter the two mosaic picture, followed by use of RobustMatcher class SURF algorithm for detection of individual characteristics and feature points for the match, projection matrix generated from match point after match p...

Based on OPENCV traffic statistics

Use Gaussian mixture model to obtain background foreground, plus corrosion expansion perfect function to calculate the center of gravity of cross-border traffic.Functions include multi-Gaussian Modeling of video segmentation and cross-border detection, moving object size detection, counting and othe...

BarCode the barcode generator-VS2013-Unicode-MFC-complete engineering package

BarCode the barcode generator-VS2013-Unicode-MFC-complete engineering package, windows8.1+VS2013 compiled bySupport Code39,Code93,Code128A,Code128B,Code128C,CodeI2of5,CodeEan13...

Photometric stereo method stereoscopic_vision

Photometric stereo Visual algorithm stereoscopic_vision. a three dimensional surface reconstruction method, to fast accurate to obtained three dimensional model. first gets control light and perspective conditions Xia of 3 site image, used photometric stereo Visual of method calculation surface meth...


Matlab Toolbox for Undersampled MRI Reconstruction with Contourlet Transform。 This toolbox contains Matlab files that implement the sparse sampling and reconstructioin of MRI with contourlet transform described in paper:Iterative thresholding compressed sensing MRI based on contourlet transform...

3D reconstruction(mls + poisson)

Three dimensional reconstruction of PCL library code, based on three dimensional surface normal vector of the  point cloud optimized, mainly moving least square method based on Poisson Three dimensional reconstruction of surface reconstruction. Read into the PCD file, or other form...

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