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SURF algorithm to extract characteristic points of the image-stitching program

Program algorithm as SURF feature extraction algorithm for image mosaics. First enter the two mosaic picture, followed by use of RobustMatcher class SURF algorithm for detection of individual characteristics and feature points for the match, projection matrix generated from match point after match p...

OpenGL rendering mobile keyboard control car

Simple OpenGL draw a car, although it does not look good, but symbolically meets keyboard control. Exchange for beginners to learn, we can all improve....

Based on OPENCV traffic statistics

Use Gaussian mixture model to obtain background foreground, plus corrosion expansion perfect function to calculate the center of gravity of cross-border traffic.Functions include multi-Gaussian Modeling of video segmentation and cross-border detection, moving object size detection, counting and othe...

BarCode the barcode generator-VS2013-Unicode-MFC-complete engineering package

BarCode the barcode generator-VS2013-Unicode-MFC-complete engineering package, windows8.1+VS2013 compiled bySupport Code39,Code93,Code128A,Code128B,Code128C,CodeI2of5,CodeEan13...

TIFF format image data reading program

The code can manipulate image files in Tiff format, first class information file headers, file information can be identified. Includes two functions read and write TIFF TIFF image image separately for reading image pixel data in a TIFF file and save the image data back to TIFF format images....


Matlab Toolbox for Undersampled MRI Reconstruction with Contourlet Transform。 This toolbox contains Matlab files that implement the sparse sampling and reconstructioin of MRI with contourlet transform described in paper:Iterative thresholding compressed sensing MRI based on contourlet transform...

3D reconstruction(mls + poisson)

Three dimensional reconstruction of PCL library code, based on three dimensional surface normal vector of the  point cloud optimized, mainly moving least square method based on Poisson Three dimensional reconstruction of surface reconstruction. Read into the PCD file, or other form...

Gabor feature extraction

Gabor feature extraction of the image, a very effective feature, and use SVM for image classification...

Poisson surface reconstruction code

Complete Poisson surface reconstruction algorithm implementation is Hoppe2013 year SIGG article, this article is based on the basis of work in 2006 to improve the work, the source clear and understandable, there are comments....

MATLAB implementation to identify the image of the clock's time

Hough transform is a vote on the principle of using a parameter estimation techniques. The principle is the point of the image space using the Hough parameter space and the line - duality, to convert the image space to the parameter space of the detection problem. By simple statistics accumulated in...

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