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Matlab draw network diagram

Main procedure calls the tu_plot function, draw network diagrams. Simply enter the adjacency matrix, and are directed graphs....

Using OpenCV implementation based on color histogram matching images and shapes

Want to do some image matching, so learning openCV and did some tests. Using OpenCV implementation based on color histogram image matching features and shapes capable of matching camera images in real time, and local photos. Demo can only be tested in a real machine, because cameras are needed. Auth...

Graph cut source code (

Based on the Fast Approximate Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts of source code. Yori Boykov wrote about Graphcut Matlab procedure, complete example. Very helpful for learning Graphcuts....

Video multi-target tracking MATLAB

Application backgroundOptimization for Multi-Target Tracking Discrete-Continuous (CVPR 2012)Key TechnologyThe problem of multi-target tracking is comprised of two distinct, but tightly coupled challenges: (I) the naturally discrete problem of data association, i.e. assigning image observations to th...

C#+Aforge video capture function

Application backgroundUsing the hardware of the video capture function is integrated in the visitor management system integrated machine USB camera, software part tried using C# language OPENGCV, emgucv and framework for the development of based on to collect images and video, after the u...

Three dimensional reconstruction based on image pair

Three dimensional reconstruction of image based on, dense matching algorithm using sift and regional growth to achieve the purpose of three-dimensional reconstruction...

Normalized image programs of MATLAB and c language codes

Image normalization program, widely used in the field of image processing....

Surf feature point detection and matching

Surf the concrete implementations of the algorithm: Surf algorithms (1), building the Hessian matrix (2), building a scale-space Scale-space is the image of the image expressed in various resolution, (4) knowledge, an image j (x) means you can use in various resol...

Jsteg c source code

Steganography to embed a JPEG graphic image processing tool-a JPEG graphic image processing embedded steganography tools...

Paint Java implementation is powerful

Java implementation of paint, very powerful, feature more powerful, supports zoom, move, rotate, save the file and import has good graphics files, supports the rubber plug features support to draw a straight line, circle, ellipse, rectangle, a freeform graphics, screen appearance, easy operation, yo...

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