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RTP package send H264 videos h264toRtp

Send H264 video streams example RTP package, written by VC6.0,Learning h264 video, classic example of packages sent,There are tests of the 264 and SDP files, use VLC to send test playback of video,The core code in the following fileh264toRtp.hRtpPack.hRtpPack.cPlease read these documents carefully.I...

Compact ARCGIS map data reading program

ARCGIS publish map services, generates compact map tile data. Read the compact tile data, is of great use. This program gives the compact tiling, tile data index file structure, file structure, as well as read and display methods....

OPENCV-HOG pedestrian detection

Using the OpenCV library's already training of SVM for pedestrian detection. OpenCV with positive and negative samples, mainly from the SVM classifier HOG pedestrian recognition method invented by Dr NavneetDalal in 2005 upon graduation, graduation theses algorithms used in the positive and negative...

Halcon based barcode recognition

The code without using the camera, but supports many types of barcode recognition, including inverted barcode, each portion of the code has the detailed annotation, recognition accuracy is OK, as long as the image is either too vague or too dark....

Video multi-target tracking MATLAB

Application backgroundOptimization for Multi-Target Tracking Discrete-Continuous (CVPR 2012)Key TechnologyThe problem of multi-target tracking is comprised of two distinct, but tightly coupled challenges: (I) the naturally discrete problem of data association, i.e. assigning image observations to th...

C#+Aforge video capture function

Application backgroundUsing the hardware of the video capture function is integrated in the visitor management system integrated machine USB camera, software part tried using C# language OPENGCV, emgucv and framework for the development of based on to collect images and video, after the u...

Visualization of ocean flow field data (using GPU)

Application backgroundWith the arrival of the era of high performance computing, parallel computing for dealing with massive data research provides a new technical means, especially the maturity of the development of GPU and CUDA, GPU parallel computing is a hot research issue now. GPU is parallel m...

Computer graphics Demo

Application backgroundComputer graphics (Computer, Graphics CG) is a subject that studies how to use computer to display, generate and process graphics, methods and techniques.Graphics is the art or ComputerOf producing graphical images with the aid of computer. ScienceKey TechnologyRunning environm...

D laser point cloud classical ICP registration algorithm MATLAB

Application backgroundD laser point cloud classical ICP registration algorithm MATLAB procedures, can be used for model reconstruction, image registration. The fine registration of image registration can be carried out by constructing the DATA and MODEL of the cell structure....

Three dimensional reconstruction based on image pair

Three dimensional reconstruction of image based on, dense matching algorithm using sift and regional growth to achieve the purpose of three-dimensional reconstruction...

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