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6 kinds of regional integration method

Region-based wavelet transform fusion method is mainly based on regional energy, regional variance, the largest in this region several ways....

Digital Image Processing

No format image processing, switching doors, shutters, histograms, binary, grayscale inversion, filtering, Gaussian filtering, maximum filtering, minimum filter, median filtering, edge detection filtering, edge tracking, image exchange, image translation, image scaling, image reversal...

Screenshot source code be freely selected areas

A simple screenshot of the source code, the entire screen shots can also be freely selected area screenshot and save it as a file bmp format.Easy to understand, friends who are interested can download study. As learning little demo....

Pedestrian detection OpenCV

The code is based on OpenCV, pedestrian has an obvious edge, motion hog feature is a good description of the nature of travel, we use hog+SVM for testing, the effect is very good...

Display images with OpenCV in MFC

In Visual Studio 2010, the combined use of MFC OpenCV display pictures. For beginners MFC scholars, can be combined in this case the key learning MFC message mechanism; and can grasp the basic functions of OpenCV...

Target tracking algorithm based on Kalman filter

Tracking algorithm based on Kalman filter object, using matlab implementation, has been verified, the effect is good, with material....

Qt opencv kalman tracking

This example implements the Kalman tracking algorithm based on Qt---C++ GUI class library, related classes using OpenCV, code comments in detail, almost every second row, notes, easy to understand!...

Radon transform for digital image restoration of motion-blurred images

Only the radon transform is used to achieve motion blur, in which estimated direction of fuzzy measure and fuzzy....

Halcon camera in the bar code automatic identification

This code is based on Halcon machine Visual software of barcode camera recognition code, here of camera is notebook computer since with of camera, because different brand of computer by using of camera may different, so in run code Qian, to first found himself computer camera of originally name, can...

Kaze algorithm code

Kaze feature detection based on OpenCV, can be opened using VS to detect the operation, need to install the opencv3.0 version, configuration...

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