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Target tracking algorithm based on Kalman filter

Tracking algorithm based on Kalman filter object, using matlab implementation, has been verified, the effect is good, with material....

Qt opencv kalman tracking

This example implements the Kalman tracking algorithm based on Qt---C++ GUI class library, related classes using OpenCV, code comments in detail, almost every second row, notes, easy to understand!...

OPENCV-HOG pedestrian detection

Using the OpenCV library's already training of SVM for pedestrian detection. OpenCV with positive and negative samples, mainly from the SVM classifier HOG pedestrian recognition method invented by Dr NavneetDalal in 2005 upon graduation, graduation theses algorithms used in the positive and negative...

Halcon based barcode recognition

The code without using the camera, but supports many types of barcode recognition, including inverted barcode, each portion of the code has the detailed annotation, recognition accuracy is OK, as long as the image is either too vague or too dark....

Halcon camera in the bar code automatic identification

This code is based on Halcon machine Visual software of barcode camera recognition code, here of camera is notebook computer since with of camera, because different brand of computer by using of camera may different, so in run code Qian, to first found himself computer camera of originally name, can...

Kaze algorithm code

Kaze feature detection based on OpenCV, can be opened using VS to detect the operation, need to install the opencv3.0 version, configuration...

Realization of advanced image de fog algorithm

The fog procedure based on dark channel prior image dehazing algorithm, the algorithm based on the paper of Microsoft Asia Research Institute he Kaiming, the single image haze removal using dark channel prior ", with relatively good image dehazing effect....

DirectX based on the development of three-dimensional image display C# code

Application backgroundDirectX based on the development of three-dimensional images of the display C# code, as long as the user to customize the number of points per line rows and singline_point number, plus a coordinate of the custom coordinates. Program can draw the corresponding three-dimensional...

The optimal path generation algorithm program based on Astar algorithm (with test chart)

Application backgroundThe optimal path generation algorithm program based on Astar algorithm (with test chart):Can be applied to 3D terrain path generation, optimal path selection, computer graphics visualization.Key TechnologyContains the Astar algorithm, using QT to write the interface UI, using t...

Intelligent Scissors algorithm

Application backgroundThe basic idea is to divide the image as a connected graph. The pixels in the image are used as the nodes in the graph, and the edges between the adjacent pixels are as the edges of the connecting nodes. On every side define a cost function, as strong edges is assigned a smalle...

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