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Digital identification system source code

Use code comments very detailedThe first step: training network. Training using the training samples. (With or without training in this program because I have trained network parameters saved, the reader can be used to directly identify)Step two: identify. First, open the image (256-color); Thirdly,...

Kinect also gets color and depth of image and save

Kinect also get the color image and the depth of the scene and save images, can save the same scene image alignment and to formulate the file directory....

Niblack thresholding method

Written in VC + Niblack image segmentation algorithm has been raised through this machine. Using Visual Studio2008+windows7 or windowsXP environment run...

WebCam Capture VC++ Source code

Capture the video on the web camera at the computer, use pure c++ code and MFC to implemented.It\'s very useful for beginner to learn the technology how to capture image and video of the camera....

TWAIN Assistant

Twain's a helper class, you can use it to easily write simple applications twain...

Color transferring algorithm

The MATLAB algorithm the algorithm for color transfer, this method belongs to the classic color transferring algorithm of color transfer in part, color messages....

Meshlab and VCGlib

Meshlab and VCGlib is Italy National Institute of work, meshlab offers a number of model analysis and processing algorithms, and VCGlib to create a basic data structure and algorithm for traverse, also provides a model of basic algorithms. VCGlib is written in standard C++ library, which provides th...

Image quality evaluation

A blind image evaluation method, any input can be make a quantitative assessment of image quality, better for later image processing, very effective, expert wrote this algorithm....

Camera capture human faces and calculates similarity

Load the original contrast images, and calculating a histogram of the original image;  Get the camera information, in which frames extracted, and calculating a histogram of the frame image;  The histogram histogram of an image with the original image is compared to extract and calculate...

Gabor transform written in C #

Has been compiled in vs2013 environment by achieving a eight directions four frequency feature extraction. Main function of the path you want to change it to run...

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