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Realization of advanced image de fog algorithm

The fog procedure based on dark channel prior image dehazing algorithm, the algorithm based on the paper of Microsoft Asia Research Institute he Kaiming, the single image haze removal using dark channel prior ", with relatively good image dehazing effect....

DirectX based on the development of three-dimensional image display C# code

Application backgroundDirectX based on the development of three-dimensional images of the display C# code, as long as the user to customize the number of points per line rows and singline_point number, plus a coordinate of the custom coordinates. Program can draw the corresponding three-dimensional...

Through the DE2 platform using D5M camera to read the Bayer data and converted to RGB

Application backgroundQuartus II Read 10 Bayer format from D5M camera and convert to RGB format In, SDRAM through, on VGA port. outputKey TechnologyUnder the environment of II Quartus 10, the Bayer data is read from the D5M camera and converted to RGB, through the SDRAM cache, VGA controller, output...

The optimal path generation algorithm program based on Astar algorithm (with test chart)

Application backgroundThe optimal path generation algorithm program based on Astar algorithm (with test chart):Can be applied to 3D terrain path generation, optimal path selection, computer graphics visualization.Key TechnologyContains the Astar algorithm, using QT to write the interface UI, using t...

Intelligent Scissors algorithm

Application backgroundThe basic idea is to divide the image as a connected graph. The pixels in the image are used as the nodes in the graph, and the edges between the adjacent pixels are as the edges of the connecting nodes. On every side define a cost function, as strong edges is assigned a smalle...

VTK arbitrary two-dimensional image trimming

VTK arbitrary two-dimensional image trimming program, very nice, by visual studio MFC...

C++ code for image retrieval

This source can be the realization of a simple image retrieval software, selected according to the similar image search function of the image...

AABB collision detection

Use the AABB algorithm for collision detection between objects, objects using triangle patch, triangular patch of the algorithm enters two objects and collision detection time and other information. AABB algorithm is used to analyse the two objects, collision detection, object using triangles, said...

Photogrammetry calculation of common code library

Photogrammetric data processing, including: space resection; forward intersection; aerial triangulation, relative orientation, discusses the latest developments and applications of digital aerial photogrammetry to study key steps of the generated orthophoto map and its core technology used in the pr...

The simplest GUI can run on 51 single chip or ARM

The most basic, most simple GUI, but with few resources have the 8-bits microcontroller to run can also be run on a 32-bit ARM. Run very fast. Best choice for doing simple interface. Can also display various sizes and various color display....

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