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Color transferring algorithm

The MATLAB algorithm the algorithm for color transfer, this method belongs to the classic color transferring algorithm of color transfer in part, color messages....


space:nowrap;">平移(translation)变换是几何变换中最简单的一种。初始坐标为(x0,y0)的点经过平移(tx,ty)(以向 右,向下为正方向)后,坐标变为(x1,y1)。这两点之间的关系是x1=x0+tx ,y1=y0+ty。 下面给出 Translation 的源代码。算法的思想是...

Free chart developed with GDI+

 First class that you need is Chart. It contains plot, chart title, and various attributes. Chart delegates drawing operations to Plot, Plot delegates to dataset renderers, axes and other graphical objects (like legend, markers, area draws, etc).  Plot class glues axes (if any), data...

Identification of the circle in the picture, fuzzy pattern recognition

Identification of the circle in the picture, fuzzy pattern recognition AppWizard has created this airImg application for you. This application not only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classes but is also a starting point for writing your application. This file c...

Facial expression recognition program VC6.0

space:nowrap;">用C++和opencv写的,用于识别表情和关键点的程序,需把表情解压到    D expressionsb...

Image binarization of c++ program

With VC image binarization, and code blocks execute, easy to understand. Is useful for users who need to block the program....

Water fitting tools

I have written a water quality monitoring data fitting tool, written in C ++ Builder, can be calculated by fitting the data input and generates the corresponding chart and print, very practical industrial tool...

Use Falsh VC operation

This section describes the specific operation in VC falsh, including expansion of buttons program approach...

Mesh mapping programs have lighting effects

Have lighting effects, and joined the keyboard interaction effect (comments) of the code, for beginners or graphics OpenGL has reference significance of children's shoes. Code using the C + + class encapsulation technology, for just the transition from C to C + + classmates also is very easy to unde...

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