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Digital Image Processing

No format image processing, switching doors, shutters, histograms, binary, grayscale inversion, filtering, Gaussian filtering, maximum filtering, minimum filter, median filtering, edge detection filtering, edge tracking, image exchange, image translation, image scaling, image reversal...

Display images with OpenCV in MFC

In Visual Studio 2010, the combined use of MFC OpenCV display pictures. For beginners MFC scholars, can be combined in this case the key learning MFC message mechanism; and can grasp the basic functions of OpenCV...

C++ code for image retrieval

This source can be the realization of a simple image retrieval software, selected according to the similar image search function of the image...

Background subtraction algorithm, multitarget tracking

A multiple-object tracking Matlab code, annotated document. Background subtraction can implement updates in real time. The code to detect and track small targets very well, but after tracking the target is greater than 8, effect a lot-...

TWAIN Assistant

Twain's a helper class, you can use it to easily write simple applications twain...

Color transferring algorithm

The MATLAB algorithm the algorithm for color transfer, this method belongs to the classic color transferring algorithm of color transfer in part, color messages....

Image quality evaluation

A blind image evaluation method, any input can be make a quantitative assessment of image quality, better for later image processing, very effective, expert wrote this algorithm....

Simple OpenCV Painting System

OpenCV simple painting systems, applications, cameras to detect yellow to as a "pen"...

MATLAB image feature extraction of actual combat

Application backgroundMATLAB image feature extraction, image recognition, segmentation, edge detectionKey TechnologyColor image processing segmentation, histogram segmentation and clustering segmentation...

Run-length encoding system

System implementation:General idea: an image file in binary mode is read into buffer, transformed into binary integers, the buffer data is encoded in a particular format (unsigned short) is written to the output file extraction process and, in turn, can be.Compressed storage format:Stored in each of...

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