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Color transferring algorithm

The MATLAB algorithm the algorithm for color transfer, this method belongs to the classic color transferring algorithm of color transfer in part, color messages....

Simple OpenCV Painting System

OpenCV simple painting systems, applications, cameras to detect yellow to as a "pen"...

Paintings of edge detection code

3 suitable for paintings proposed algorithm of edge detection. Algorithm is the core of the petroglyphs of brightness and color information, integrates with the nonlinear bilateral filtering technology, detect edges by Canny Sobel gradient and operator. Finally, by representative numerical experimen...

Key frame extraction color feature method

Key frame extraction method based on color feature extraction for MATLAB language...

Opencv based on the use of differential method for the movement of the contour

Application background                                                                    nbsp;          ...

Network port camera interface program

Application backgroundNet mouth camera driver for any type of network interface camera are common to have a simple interface to understand and easy to understand interface operation...

Face detection

Application backgroundBased on AdaBoost cascade classifier of face detection, call Opencv library function, after the AdaBoost cascade classifier training, get the XML classifier, face detection, detection effect is also good, the detected face with a rectangular box to box out....




平移(translation)变换是几何变换中最简单的一种。初始坐标为(x0,y0)的点经过平移(tx,ty)(以向 右,向下为正方向)后,坐标变为(x1,y1)。这两点之间的关系是x1=x0+tx ,y1=y0+ty。 下面给出 Translation 的源代码。算法的思想是先将所有区...

Free chart developed with GDI+

 First class that you need is Chart. It contains plot, chart title, and various attributes. Chart delegates drawing operations to Plot, Plot delegates to dataset renderers, axes and other graphical objects (like legend, markers, area draws, etc).  Plot class glues axes (if any), data...

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