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Simple OpenCV Painting System

OpenCV simple painting systems, applications, cameras to detect yellow to as a "pen"...

Free chart developed with GDI+

 First class that you need is Chart. It contains plot, chart title, and various attributes. Chart delegates drawing operations to Plot, Plot delegates to dataset renderers, axes and other graphical objects (like legend, markers, area draws, etc).  Plot class glues axes (if any), data...

Water fitting tools

I have written a water quality monitoring data fitting tool, written in C ++ Builder, can be calculated by fitting the data input and generates the corresponding chart and print, very practical industrial tool...

Face recognition and evaluation

1. from a number of popular Web searches a variety of face images, creating a large face beautiful database 2. face detection: input diagram of Harr+Adaboosting algorithm for face detection and face capture 3. the human face feature extraction: constructed using Wavelet multi-scale space using chu...

Sorted maps details

About the content of some sort map windows, the problem will not be covered for textures simply encodedSome of the more basic things...

C++ implementation of maze game

VC + maze game, the proper operation of control characters to avoid danger and successfully reach its destination. Use the keyboard keys to ↑↓←→ key figures control movement.Game has loaded, click on play now-click to play again as scorch-then click on play now to start the game...

Paintings of edge detection code

3 suitable for paintings proposed algorithm of edge detection. Algorithm is the core of the petroglyphs of brightness and color information, integrates with the nonlinear bilateral filtering technology, detect edges by Canny Sobel gradient and operator. Finally, by representative numerical experimen...

C # development AE Intergraph

C # development AE Intergraph; using ARCGIS development, source code after practice; from ARCGIS ENGINE development from entry to the master of geographic information systems _ such as Qiu Honggang (2nd Edition)...

Video key frame detection

Frame-by-frame to identify key points of the video. Key points in order to speed up detection, using key points in adjacent frames have changed little, by comparing the area around point location of the image to update the key point of the block, key points of succession to prevent any more calculat...

Phase model

Phase congruency is an illumination and contrast invariant measure of feature significance. Unlike gradient based feature detectors, which can only detect step features, phase congruency correctly detects features at all kind of phase angle, and not just step features having a phase angle of 0 or 18...

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