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C++ implementation of maze game

VC + maze game, the proper operation of control characters to avoid danger and successfully reach its destination. Use the keyboard keys to ↑↓←→ key figures control movement.Game has loaded, click on play now-click to play again as scorch-then click on play now to start the game...

Opencv image rotation

Tablet PC-like container rotate time display pop-up need to select in threes, the APICan be seen from the range of Seattle after container rotate, SHOW_WINDOW size are to be merged with extended product can....

Simple graphics editor

Application backgroundA simple graphics editor, written in VC++, suitable for computer graphics of the primary learnersKey TechnologyThis is a VC prepared by the graphical editing software source code for learners and developers of computer graphics and programming window, MFC technology, through th...

Network port camera interface program

Application backgroundNet mouth camera driver for any type of network interface camera are common to have a simple interface to understand and easy to understand interface operation...

Personal web pages

Application backgroundHotel management system is divided into two parts of the foreground and background, the background for the system administrator management, including room type setting module, room setting module and the operator to set three sub modules, the specific function modules as follow...

Skins Windows Forms program

Click right button pops up a shortcut menu for a replacement form skin, and in the shortcut menu, select change under the skin of any menu item, the program will replace the current form of the skin...

Hu, evidence code

Extraction of invariant features of code, written in c++. On image feature recognition is a very good help.                                  ...


COMMANDE des systemes dynamique hybride à 2modes. commutation entre deux modes. detection des instants de commutation...

Property sheet example

Property page dialog boxes are put together multiple dialog boxes, by labelling each page to activate it. The classes associated with the property page dialog box includes CPropertySheet and CPropertyPage classes. A property pages dialog box, you can include one more CPropertyPage and CPropertySheet...


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