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Display images with OpenCV in MFC

In Visual Studio 2010, the combined use of MFC OpenCV display pictures. For beginners MFC scholars, can be combined in this case the key learning MFC message mechanism; and can grasp the basic functions of OpenCV...

Color transferring algorithm

The MATLAB algorithm the algorithm for color transfer, this method belongs to the classic color transferring algorithm of color transfer in part, color messages....

Simple OpenCV Painting System

OpenCV simple painting systems, applications, cameras to detect yellow to as a "pen"...

Simulation of the shape and position error correction of a two camera camera

Application backgroundDual camera module for mobile terminals, because the mold and fitting error, causing the left and right cameras and can not be strictly parallel to the optical axis and the upper and lower position. The resulting disparity map is not only a horizontal parallax, resulting in a d...

Face detection

Application backgroundBased on AdaBoost cascade classifier of face detection, call Opencv library function, after the AdaBoost cascade classifier training, get the XML classifier, face detection, detection effect is also good, the detected face with a rectangular box to box out....

Desktop weather

Auto Gets the weather conditions of the day and put it on the desktop background, and desktop can be customized LOGO, tips and so on, you can also add a desktop icon backgrounds, making the desktop more beautiful!...


平移(translation)变换是几何变换中最简单的一种。初始坐标为(x0,y0)的点经过平移(tx,ty)(以向 右,向下为正方向)后,坐标变为(x1,y1)。这两点之间的关系是x1=x0+tx ,y1=y0+ty。 下面给出 Translation 的源代码。算法的思想是先将所有区...

Free chart developed with GDI+

 First class that you need is Chart. It contains plot, chart title, and various attributes. Chart delegates drawing operations to Plot, Plot delegates to dataset renderers, axes and other graphical objects (like legend, markers, area draws, etc).  Plot class glues axes (if any), data...

Draw sample c # GUI code

Histograms, charts, SQL databaseDrawing beginners Demo available...

Use Falsh VC operation

This section describes the specific operation in VC falsh, including expansion of buttons program approach...

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