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netstat (network statistics) ,is a command line tool that display network connections.This program is a example made in borland c++ builder using winsock....

Insertion sort

/* insertion sort ascending order */   #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h>   int main() {   int n, array[1000], c, d, t;     printf("Enter number of elements\n");   scanf("%d", &n);     printf("Enter %d i...

Fully furnished accommodation local area net Delphi implement Yuan ends Kai JI

喚 far side awake ( Wake On Lan , WOL ) Are many personnel like to use one of the functions of Internet pipe. Far-end 喚 woke up, coming to do not need 24 hours away is quite lucky for machines, in time of need, just take it away from the far-end through the Internet road airport, and then into...

A small browser

Experimental topics: IE browser applications based on MFC The experimental objective: Understand the IE browser work methods, learning programming with MFC implementation IE browser. Test requirement: 1. Back button functionality. 2. Fo...

Reverse Telnet connections

Reverse Telnet, reverse connection Before 2008, written in Delphi 7 tools System we developed software used in the mine at that time, no broadband, using GPRS wireless data upload At that time was for ease of maintenance, wrote this gadget! Server-side (control--swServer.dpr) and...

Socket Communications

Socket Communications detailed tutorial, please refer to: Http:// platform SocketTcp communications framework-a simple example-server that implements a simple client message answer. aspx Please pay attention to AgileEAS.NET official websit...




将一个exe可执行文件设置为开机自启动项,通过修改注册表的Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run项进行设置, 可执行文件在系统路径下  GetSystemDirectory(pFileName,MAX_PATH); //取系统路径 strcat(pFileName,"\\injectdll.exe"); &...

vc6 clent+server


The Ping and TraceRoute commands based on the ICMP protocol implementation

In most operating systems, Ping 和 Traceroute Program implementation is by means of a command line, DOS Output under the interface, this program uses the dialog box type the output interface, easy to operate, can be made available to people who can't remember the command to use....

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