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Socket proxy

Here is an example I used earlier HTTP proxy server socket implementation, the code is very simple and I'm not one to resolve, and to note is: When the proxy server receives a request sent by IE, IE To request line webserver domain name (or IP) stripped, and then forwards the request to the webserve...

UDP network traffic study examples

C ++ - based UDP communication procedures, respectively, on the same computer allows the client and server programs can achieve UDP broadcast traffic...

Asynchronous network communication

Expression of simple Socket asynchronous process with the most basic and preliminary contacts for readers of network traffic, badly written, have problems contact me....

C / C ++ source code that implements the specified URL to read

VC6.0 prepared to achieve the specified URL web content to read and record to a file, easy to find web pages for keywords on the page is re-group report, etc; using wininet communication technologies....

Server-client based on TCP/IP protocol program

Windows Socket programming, c # programming language, easy to understand, suits the beginner, the folder is divided into three parts, part, client program, part of the server program, another source. Windows Socket initialization, creating Sockets, send, receive function, such as in the source file...

Delphi code update

Delphi automatically updates the code little demo,RaizeFlatStyleCoolTrayGridEhVCLZipMSNPopupAutoUpgrader can be easily modified, custom update interface...

OpenSSL multi-threaded server program

The server is implemented based on OpenSSL, supports multiple clients simultaneously connected, self-receiving, configurable port supports single and bi-certification, as long as a building project under the VC compiler can use, the compilation process needs to include libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib Wsoc...

Delphi Russia block source code

Original Russia block game source code, Web version of the double game 1, socket programming, is a very good learning materials 2, algorithm and coding style is clear; 3, is game for beginners getting started learning materials....

Restore SSDT complete source program, driver-level source code

Restore SSDT complete source program, drive-level source, protecting your PC security. By modifying the kernel native API hooks in SSDT implementation in Windows, user mode applications calls the API to request systems services, export these many DLL API., for example, to an open file or write to a...

Test wpcap

Wpcap wpcap,vs2010 for testing and the use of simple and practical tool before using the modified code needed to configure the Windows environment you need to install wpcap, and need to introduce wpcap in the wpcap package in vs2010 specific configuration details of the lib and header files you can...

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