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Test wpcap

Wpcap wpcap,vs2010 for testing and the use of simple and practical tool before using the modified code needed to configure the Windows environment you need to install wpcap, and need to introduce wpcap in the wpcap package in vs2010 specific configuration details of the lib and header files you can...

WPF flip animation

This code is a WPF animation play, the effect is very good, developer or WPF beginners can refer to. Want to help....

Windows Socket development

Vs2010 development platform, open Server, modify the IP and port as needed, and then open the client, the same as needed modify the IP and port. As the news server continuously reads the keyboard, the client receives a keyboard message....

Analytical XML c # multithreaded socket programming

This code aims to receive client sends XML document with c # package, save it to a file and deserialize XML save data to an object in the. Used in the program is multithreaded TCP/IP transmission mode for receiving, source code package comes with a serial debugging assistant, when the client is usin...

Backgammon coded HT implementation

Gobang algorithm who to who wins, using OpenGL and MFC to do, just write some idea of some of the ideas, specific details not presented complete handled properly by-your-leave. Will some of their own income as far as possible to share with you. Refuses to stop, Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah...

Simple H264 demo

The ability to send H264 files through a network of personal learning not much is sent to the above to learn.Thank you for your attention....

The development and Realization of online chat system

Application backgroundChat system development and implementation of development background is mainly to meet the needs of social development and the tools necessary for communication between network socialization of human and human, this system can realizes the chat server and client, can also achie...

Get the IPv4 and IPv6 address of the machine as well as the domain name

Application backgroundThis code can be used to achieve access to the machine and specify the domain of IPv4 address and IPv6 address, code the two C + + files, not write together, when in use can be commented out one or new project which will be a C + + file cut into.Key TechnologyFor the local IP a...

Simple Winsock chat program based on MFC

Application backgroundMFC simple chat interface design, based on the IP address to build the TCP connection. Can achieve the same area network connection. Is a very simple and very basic MFC chat program, the latter will slowly update chat version. Thank you.Key TechnologyMFC class library, and Wins...

Socket windows programming

Application backgroundSOCKET WINDOWS programming, simple and practical. TCP/IP network programming is not less.Key TechnologySOCKET programming client and server side, easy to learn and easy to use....

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