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OPMP3Play music player

Application backgroundOPMP3Play is an online music player plugin for JQuery.Player using Flex 4 development, combined with the Javascript front script, to achieve the synchronization of web pages online.The program is very simple to use, just a simple initialization can be usedKey Technology...

TCP QT communication

Application backgroundThe C/S communication in the WINDOWS operating system can realize the establishment of the server and the client, and communicate with each other. Communication between the host computer software and equipment used in the automatic control system.Key TechnologyMainly about the...

Easy language network landlords source

Application backgroundEasy language Landlords game, complete can runCompiled without bugKey TechnologyNetwork communication game algorithm, etc.Multiplayer online gamesNo sign that the card is not writtenInto the game is the room filled with automatic to the next room...

IOCP network architecture model source code

Application backgroundIOCP full name Completion Port I/O, Chinese translation for the completion of the I/O port. IOCP is an asynchronous API I/O, which can efficiently notify the application of the I/O event. With the use of select () or other asynchronous methods, a socket socket] is associated wi...

Instant chat software

Application backgroundThis is written in C++, based on UDP remote chat software, support for single private chat, multi group chat, as well as server radio and other basic functions, can be used for reference for beginners to learn.Key TechnologyThe program to C++ programming language, using MFC as...

Socket programming to achieve a simple chat room function

Application backgroundTCP protocol is a connection oriented protocol, which provides a series of data error correction function, which can guarantee the data transmitted in the network in time, and without error. Therefore, the application of Socket programming model is the most widely used in conne...

Windows post method of the HTTP code

Application backgroundWindows prepared using a simple curl connection httpserver source code, using post method....

Chat Engineering

Application backgroundDo a simulation of the chat program, in a machine the data transmission between the two dialog box, the first run ChatSev, and then run the ChatClt. In the IP box, you can enter the IP address! A bit low, but it can be used as a beginner's experience....

ASP prepared using BP network

Application backgroundCode name:   written by ASP   BP network;Date:   2000-8-28; ASP; >  Total download times: 434 file size:   40KB;Applicable environment: Unix/WINNT rating:    Upload:   Roland; download address: click here to download  Results: no &nb...

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