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Pro Rs 232

232 是最常见的串行接口和船只作为在大多数 Windows 兼容的桌面计算机上的标准组件。RS-232 只允许一个发射器和一个接收器在每一行上。RS-232 还使用一种全双工传输方法。有些 RS-232 主板出售国家文书支持波特率达 1 Mbit/s,但大...

Super useful network library (http, and RTSP)

space:normal;">encapsulates the client portion , there are several class Socket encapsulates the socket interface, can be used directly Base64 encoding The total number of lines of code 25455...

C# About Bluetooth Communication Development

C # on computer software that communicates with the phone via Bluetooth phones. Achieve mobile client through a simple algorithm and Bluetooth technology and communication computer, so you can make the phone and computer can communicate well, on this basis, to achieve a more convenient mobile phone...

Simple Firewall

roots strategy is a relatively early. As you can see from this source in the early days of the firewall's basic development processes, possibly to your independent firewall coding help....

Highly concurrent SOCKET in c # source code,




RDP for Windows desktop sharing

Did you ever need to log on your clients PC and assist them? There are tons of desktop sharing applications around, some commercial and some are free, however if you knew how easy it is, to build a desktop sharing application working on Vista, you would never give a chance to other solutions....

Socket server-side development with delphi7 source code

space:nowrap;"> IdTCPServer control, socket server-side development. Includes full source code as well as exe files, pure native development. Client the client code has been uploaded....

Socket client development using delphi7 source code

space:normal;"> 基于delphi7开发,使用idtcpclient控件,进行socket客户端开发。 包含全部源码以及exe文件,纯原生开发。 还有Server端开发,稍等上传。...


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