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6878 Business Operations hall

6878 Business Hall1. the name room: this room is on the client displays the name of the game.2. genre: default type is generally used. Represents the changing room game character. Recommendation: use default settings3. the service port: service communications port if you do not fill in, the system w...

Simple Firewall

The program can implement a basic packet filtering, packet filtering as the most basic firewall firewall thought that grass-roots strategy is a relatively early. As you can see from this source in the early days of the firewall's basic development processes, possibly to your independent firewall cod...

Socket implementation sends images server-side and client-side source code

Windows visual c++ implement socket send pictures, client-side and server-side after the connection is established, send picture and display pictures...

Non real time interpolation algorithm for numerical control system

Application backgroundThe non real time interpolation algorithm of numerical control system, including the rough interpolation, the dynamic link library and the tool movement components, and the design of the user real-time debugging interface, compatible with the general G code instructions, to ach...

Highly concurrent SOCKET in c # source code,

SOCKET, test procedures, client and server, and supports file transfer...

VC implementation of Telnet Server source code

VC implementation of Telnet Server source code projects to compile VC implementation of Telnet Server source code projects can directly compile the source files can be compiled directly...

VS2010 16 hexadecimal output SOCKET Services client ADO to connect to a database

Foreign design Windows Socket thread under the customer service side, TCP/UDP choice, IP addresses optional ip4 and ip6 Join messages on its output in hexadecimal, as well as links to ADO databases VS2010 16 hexadecimal output SOCKET Services client ADO to connect to a database...

Simple TCP client with MFC

I'm create simple TCP/IP client program to communicate MCU board(it's server role).And finally, client application want to get the information of multiple server by network.Step by step, I'm archived!...

UDP "dig a hole"

Code based on the Win32 console, implement UDP "holes", here, I had a client side and a server side, the client behind a NAT LAN, server-side deployment outside the network, and at various LAN landed two clients at the same time of the server-side, client server as "References",...

Mongoose source code

Application backgroundMongoose (mongoose) web server is a easy to use web server, it can be embedded into other applications, to provide a web interface.Main features:Cross platform, support Windows, X OS and LinuxSupport CGI, SSL, SSI, Digest (MD5) certification, WebSocket and WebDAVHTTP support an...


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