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6878 Business Operations hall

6878 Business Hall1. the name room: this room is on the client displays the name of the game.2. genre: default type is generally used. Represents the changing room game character. Recommendation: use default settings3. the service port: service communications port if you do not fill in, the system w...

TCP debugging assistant

Includes source code. This test tools for the development of network communication program was on the server or client to test the TCP/UDP communication connect and tests the sending and receiving of data. 1 can send and receive UDP data. 2. TCP, supports server and client model. 3. support multiple...

Highly concurrent SOCKET in c # source code,

SOCKET, test procedures, client and server, and supports file transfer...

Streaming RTSP

EasyDarwin recruitment open source media server project development team members together to update and maintain the EasyDarwin stream media server, decision EasyDarwin future development directions; add requirements: 1, open source media projects have a strong interest in; 2, there is a cloud of re...

Simple TCP client with MFC

I'm create simple TCP/IP client program to communicate MCU board(it's server role).And finally, client application want to get the information of multiple server by network.Step by step, I'm archived!...

Mongoose source code

Application backgroundMongoose (mongoose) web server is a easy to use web server, it can be embedded into other applications, to provide a web interface.Main features:Cross platform, support Windows, X OS and LinuxSupport CGI, SSL, SSI, Digest (MD5) certification, WebSocket and WebDAVHTTP support an...

Socket server-side development with delphi7 source code

Delphi7 development, using the IdTCPServer control, socket server-side development. Includes full source code as well as exe files, pure native development. Client the client code has been uploaded....

Socket client development using delphi7 source code

Delphi7 development, use the idtcpclient control, socket client-side development. Includes full source code as well as exe files, pure native development. There are Server-side development, wait for upload....

RDP for Windows desktop sharing

Did you ever need to log on your clients PC and assist them? There are tons of desktop sharing applications around, some commercial and some are free, however if you knew how easy it is, to build a desktop sharing application working on Vista, you would never give a chance to other solutions....

Socks5 agent

Application backgroundA simple Socks5 proxy tool, can only proxy TCP connection, can be used to proxy browser, stable and effective....


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